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How to choose the right weight


If you are new strength training or weightlifting, you probably have a thousand questions running through your head on where to start. In addition, you might be procrastinating because you're not sure where to start. Above all, the key is to just start. On of the most common question is how do I know what weight to choose? This post answers just this question whether you are a beginner or looking to workout from home.

How to Work Out Smarter with Kettlebells

Hypermobility knees

If you’re anything like me, when I first set eyes on a kettlebell I thought, “that might just hurt me.” But I soon realized it's not the tool but user error that leads to injury. It was not love at first sight. I questioned “why a kettlebell” instead of a hand weight or a machine? How do I lift “the ball” up to my chest without knocking out my front teeth? If I’m catching it on the back of my...

Posture for a Pain Free Day with Hashimoto’s

Table of Contents Here are my 3 tips to combat painful poor posture: 1. Do a self ergonomic assessment and set your desk up for success. 2. Stretch every hour on the hour 3. Strengthen the weak muscles We all sit hours upon hours each day. There’s no getting around it even with a standing desk, a fancy treadmill desk, or taking frequent breaks. Sitting with good posture feels confusing since...

Frozen Shoulder and Hashimoto’s

Table of Contents Who is at risk for Frozen Shoulder The Three Stages of Frozen Shoulder The Effects of the Thyroid on Frozen Shoulder My thoughts on traditional treatment of Frozen Shoulder Prevention of Frozen Shoulder Living with Hashimoto's Exercises to Help Frozen Shoulder One day you reach up to comb your hair or slip an arm in your favorite jacket and you feel a pull. At first you...

Knee Pain and Hashimoto’s

Do you have knee pain that comes and goes without rhyme or reason? There may have been no logical onset for the pain, like stepping off a curb awkwardly, twisting your knee as you stood up, or pushing yourself too hard at the gym. Your knees simply ache without a clear cause or what we in the medical world call a “mechanism of injury,” or MOI. As a chiropractor for the last 12 years and a...

How To Warm-up Before You Work Out With Hashimoto’s

thyroid strong warm up

A solid warm-up before you work out sets you up for success keeping you injury-free. But a sloppy warm-up or no warm-up at all can lead to a debilitating muscle tweak or compressed joints. Especially as women struggling with Hashimoto’s, we need our warm-up to wake up our core and stabilize our joints. But what does this look like? There are so many warm-ups out there, what’s the right one?!?...

3 Ways To Make Squats Not Suck With Hashimoto’s

Squats, a love affair. They are like the mentor that pushes you to be your best self and challenges you to be better even when it annoys you in the moment. But it feels so good after, like a breath of fresh air and a revelation. Squats don’t make my heart sing, but they are so good for my knees, hips, and back, especially when I was full on struggling with Hashimoto’s. That’s right, I said...

To Workout Or Not To Workout With Hashimoto’s


Ladies! You've been diagnosed with a thyroid disease, specifically Hashimoto's. At first the diagnosis felt devastating, confusing, and in some cases, a relief. Now you have a name to describe what you’re feeling day in and day out, which is symptoms of fatigue, weight gain, and depression. What you've noticed is you're probably falling into one of two groups.

How Do I Start to Exercise if I Have Hashimotos

Where do I start to Exercise if I have Hashimotos

If you struggle with Hashimoto’s, then you know. It feels isolating and never-ending. Your friends don’t understand why you don’t go out anymore and your family rolls their eyes when you mention your whole body hurts ALL THE TIME. If you’ve struggled, you know there’s weight gain no matter how much you work out, fatigue you can barely get out of bed, and brain fog you forgot what you were...

About Dr. Emily

I’m Emily Kiberd DC. I’m a chiropractor, movement specialist, strength enthusiast, and Mama to Elvis and Baby Brooklyn.

And I put my Hashimoto’s into remission.

I help women struggling with Hashimoto’s learn how to workout without burning out to lose weight and beat fatigue so they can feel their best.

I created Thyroid Strong to help women across the country feel strong and confident in their body.

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