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How to do Box Squat for Knee Pain from Hashimoto’s

How to do Box Squat for Knee Pain from Hashimoto’s, tutorial by Dr Emily Kiberd

Hashimoto’s can cause joint pain, especially knee pain on both sides [1]. Sensibly, the very idea of squatting might make you cringe. But it’s a lift that your body needs because it’s so good for your knees, hips, and back.  Squats don’t make my heart sing either and you probably feel the same. For women with an autoimmune condition like Hashimoto’s, knee pain in both knees is common, and...

8 Tips for Exercising with Hashimoto’s

With Hashimoto’s, you’ve got a few extra things to consider when it comes to planning your exercise routine. It’s common for women with Hashimoto’s to struggle losing weight and beating the crushing fatigue, but luckily I’ve discovered some critical Hashimoto’s exercise routine adjustments to maintain respect for your body, build strength and still reach those goals.  I know, it’s easy to get...

How to Exercise at Home with Hashimoto’s During the COVID-19 Pandemic

If you have Hashimoto’s (or any type of thyroiditis), you know how important keeping up with your workout routine is for your overall health in general. However, although there is currently no reason to believe people with thyroid conditions are at a greater risk for contracting the novel coronavirus, those of us with chronic illness or autoimmune disease should take every precaution to...

9 Reasons Why You Should NEVER Skip Your Cool-Down

stretching with hashimoto's

STOP! Don’t walk out of your home gym or workout just yet! You forgot an essential piece to your healing...your cool-down! So many women underestimate the power of a good cool-down. My definition of a good cool down is: One you like and will actually do One including active recovery stretch and strength components One that will put your nervous system back in a calm state Ladies, I can’t...

About Dr. Emily

I’m Emily Kiberd DC. I’m a chiropractor, movement specialist, strength enthusiast, and Mama to Elvis and Baby Brooklyn.

And I put my Hashimoto’s into remission.

I help women struggling with Hashimoto’s learn how to workout without burning out to lose weight and beat fatigue so they can feel their best.

I created Thyroid Strong to help women across the country feel strong and confident in their body.

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