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What Kettlebell to Start with as a Beginner

by | Mar 2, 2023 | Podcast

In this episode, Dr. Emily Kiberd, a chiropractor with Hashimoto’s herself, shares her expertise on how to work out without burning out with Hashimoto’s. She discusses the importance of choosing the appropriate weight to start lifting so you don’t burn yourself out.

Dr. Kiberd advises beginners to start with a weight they can press while lying down, such as an 8 or 10 kilo kettlebell or dumbbell. For those with prior experience, she suggests starting with a 12 kilo weight.

When it comes to deadlifts, Dr. Kiberd recommends using a minimum of two 12 kilo kettlebells (50 pounds) to provide adequate resistance for the hamstrings and glutes. She also suggests investing in one 12 kilo and one 14 kilo kettlebell for asymmetrical deadlifts, switching between sets to ensure balanced muscle development.

To further target the legs, Dr. Kiberd recommends squatting with a kettlebell held at the front of the chest, starting with a 12 kilo weight. By holding the kettlebell, beginners can counterbalance and achieve deeper squats than with bodyweight squats alone.

By following these guidelines and focusing on energy first, those with Hashimoto’s can work out effectively without burning out.

In this Episode, I talk about:

  • What weight to start pressing as a beginner versus intermediate
  • Why to start with a 50lb deadlift, which may sound heavy to most women with Hashimoto’s
  • Why its easier to squat with a weight in your hands versus a bodyweight squat
  • Why investing in 2-3 kettlebells is enough to start a home gym
  • Why I prefer kettlebells to dumbbells or a barbell to start

Fave kettlebell brand:

Kettlebell Kings

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Time stamps of this Thyroid Strong Podcast Episode:

00:27 Why focus on boosting energy with Hashimoto’s

01:07 Pressing weight size

02:04 Starting weight to deadlift

2:28 Why to deadlift a heavier bell

3:02 How to offset deadlift

4:12 What bell size to start squaring

5:23 What bell size to start lunging

7:01 Why kettlebells versus dumbbells

7:55 Kettlebells are versatile and easy yo travel with

10:01 Favorite Kettlebell Brands

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