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What if I can’t get my work out in? Try Exercise Snacks.

by | Apr 20, 2023 | Podcast

I get this question all the time from the Hashi ladies, “What if I can’t get my work out in? What should I do?” Today in Thyroid Strong Podcast, I share with you my thoughts in exercise snacks as a past guest Martin Gabala calls them or what I like to refer to as “micro-dosing” your workouts. I share how you can still get the metabolic benefits and cardiovascular benefits if you microdose your workouts throughout your day.

In this episode:

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I share my favorite Walking treadmill from the company “Walking Pad”:

And my fave brand of kettlebells:

Kettlebell Kings:

00:00 Intro

0:55 The Thyroid Strong Revolution

1:35 The idea of Exercise Snacks from Martin Gabala

3:48 Stair-based exercise 15-30 seconds on blood insulinemia  and lipedemia

4:32 What happens when we sit for too long

4:52 My personal version of exercise snacks and the outcome

7:06 Benefits of an exercise snack

9:05 We Work out to get better at life

9:21 Our workout shouldn’t destroy us

Podcast show notes:

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