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How to lose weight and get your energy back with Hashimoto’s


Working out more and eating less to lose that stubborn Hashimoto's belly? Don’t let this common recommendation send you down the wrong path into a Hashi flare up.

Learn the 5 tips to sustainable weight loss living with Hashimoto's!

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In This Free Guide, I’ll Show You…

  • What thyroid lab work to ask your doctor other than just TSH
  • This one often overlooked factor that is so important for weight loss
  • How to workout without burning out as a woman living with Hashimoto’s to lose that stubborn weight
  • The best way to exercise to avoid a Hashi flare up
  • How to warm up for your workout living with Hashimoto’s (ahem no foam rolling or stretching involved)

Hi! I’m Dr. Emily Kiberd…

the founder of Thyroid Strong and I have seen thousands of women over the last 14 years in practice. I help women with Hashimoto’s beat fatigue and lose weight with simple sustainable exercises to help heal their joints and thyroid. With my signature workout program, women get back to what they love to do, FASTER.

Testimonials from women inside

Thyroid Strong…

“Dr. Emily makes wonderful modifications. I have Hashimotos, Rheumatoid arthritis,  and have limited mobility in my elbow and knee pain. I feel stronger and never thought I’d be swinging or deadlifting kettlebells. I was skeptical as I really love cycling, barre and Pilates, but felt like I was always wired after or felt horrible for days. This has been the perfect  balance for me.

- Sara L.

“When I started Thyroid Strong I posted about how stinking heavy 12 kilo bells are…to now, and the realization I can do hard things!! I hope this inspires someone to pull the trigger and take the step for themselves into what can be!! I will be eternally grateful to Dr. Emily for giving me what I needed to step into myself as a strong, more empowered, energetic, capable, iron-willed woman!!

- Bailey D.

I feel better now than I have in seventeen plus years. I have less joint pain, more energy, I’m eating differently and feeling better in my clothes. Thyroid Strong is so practical and I love being able to do all of my workouts at home. Everything is mapped out beautifully: the warm-up, the workout with verbal cues and a cool down.  All you have to do is show up and get ‘er done.

- Stephanie P.

Thyroid Strong has helped thousands of women lose weight and feel like themselves again.

I get asked by women, just like you, every single day, “How do I lose weight with Hashimoto’s?” With this free guide, you’ll learn my top 5 tips to sustainable weight loss living with Hashimoto’s. You’ll eliminate all the guesswork on how to lose the Hashimoto’s belly, and how work out to lose weight and get your energy back in no time. Never waste time or money on ineffective exercise programs again. 

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