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2) NEXT: Wanna jump start your workouts while you’re at it?
Know that you need to be moving your body more consistently but you just don’t know how?
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In my Thyroid Reset 14-day workout plan, I give you simple workouts to help you get started working out without the burnout.

I put my Thyroid Reset 14-day beginner program (regularly priced at $49) at almost 60% off FOR YOU ONLY because you’re here and I know you want to take your fitness to the next level in 2023 and beyond. 

Are you ready to start working out without the flare-ups and crashes in energy?

Thyroid Reset

Who is this for?

  • The woman with Hashimoto’s who knows what it’s like to live with an autoimmune condition and doesn’t want pain to hold them back
  • The Hashi’s woman who needs a kick start to their workout but doesn’t know where to start
  • The woman who likes clear and concise instructions on form so they know exactly how to pick up a weight
  • The woman who’s been injured in the past and fears feeling pain when they exercise
  • If you need a simple but effective plan to start working out again that won’t break the bank


I have limited time, how much time do I need to invest in this?

Each workout is designed to take just 20 minutes! That means even the most busy women can find time to prioritize getting out of pain.

What kind of equipment do I need?

No fancy gym membership or a ton of space required! You can use kettlebells, dumbells, or a bag full of books. Whatever is accessible to you!

Ideally, you’ll have:

  • Your own body weight
  • One 8 kilo or 10 kilo kettlebell (17 pounds or 22 pounds for pressing so choose according to your ability)
  • One 12 kilo or 14 kilo kettlebell (Don’t forget! You can 100% use dumbbells for all the moves)

And that’s it!

What if I don’t know the moves or the right form?

Every single video walks you through the proper queuing, breathing, and mechanics to ensure you’ve got the right form.

Are these full 20 min workout videos like Thyroid Strong, the 6 week workout course

This Thyroid Reset Program is delivered in a written format along with individual “How-to” videos of each move in the written program.

What if I’m a new mom and have only so much energy or limited time?

If you’re suffering from postpartum thyroiditis, you should first know that you’re not alone, and I see you. These workouts are designed to be quick (less than 20  minutes!) and effective, without draining you or taking up a ton of space or equipment.

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