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When Weight Loss is More than Calories In, Calories Out with Kim Schaper

by | Feb 6, 2023 | Podcast

This episode is for you if you’ve been told that you simply need to move more and eat less to lose weight with Hashimoto’s. Yes, calories in and calories out matter, but so do our hormones, sleep hygiene, stress, and environmental load when it comes to losing weight with Hashimoto’s. It is just different once our hormones start to change in our 40’s.

Today’s guest today, Kim Schaper is a speaker, holistic wellness coach, certified personal trainer, and women’s hormone expert. With clients ranging from professional triathletes to busy lawyers and mompreneurs, she speaks to the successful woman who has built an incredible life for herself yet suffers from stress, health, and hormone issues.

When Kim’s doctors told her to “Just drink more coffee” to overcome her fatigue, Kim knew that there had to be another way, and she didn’t rest until she found it. As a result of Kim’s expertise and customized coaching style, hundreds of women have brought their hormones back into balance, lost incredible amounts of weight, reclaimed the gift of a good night’s sleep, and traded in their chronic stress for a regular state of relaxation.

She shares her M3 Metabolic method to lose weight as a woman 35 years old and beyond. There are some real gems in this episode.

In this episode we chat about:

-How sleep and stress affect women’s hormones

-Why weight loss for women in their 40s is more than just move more, eat less

-How one single therapy technique Kim is a big believer in that’s very successful at dropping you out of your stressful state

-Lab work every woman should get ordered t check their hormone health

-What other factors contribute to difficulty losing weight other than what you eat


“And so the way I see it, it’s, it’s not so black or white. It’s not just okay calories or it’s just my hormones. Cuz like, quite candidly, sometimes women are like, oh, I know it’s my hormones, but yet they’re eating like dog crap and you know, they’re not doing other things.”

“We get older, our sex hormones, which are our estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone, those all start to drop.”

“ It’s not as clear as Oh, calories and calories out. If it was, you wouldn’t have millions and millions of women struggling.“

“I want you to think of your metabolism, almost like a rubber band. So let’s say you have a rubber band and you have it between your two thumbs and you’re slowly pulling. And let’s say that one of your stresses is a really, you know, killer workout. So you add a little tension there and then it bounces back.”

“You want to go into a workout and feel rejuvenated, not annihilated.”

“Allow the sun to come on your face in your ocular nerve without having sunglasses on. That’s a big one. And that actually helps increase testosterone.”

“Stress and Sleep don’t have calories but they absolutely matter when it comes to weight loss.”

Where you can find Kim Schaper:


Instagram: Kim.Schaper

FB: Kim Schaper

Kim mentions one of her favorite sleep tools, the Ooler Chillipad.

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