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Signs of water damage in a new home or rental with Emily Kiberd

by | Sep 15, 2022 | Podcast

Episode Summary 

On this week’s episode, I’m breaking down some key factors to look for when physically analyzing your space and inspecting for mold. Besides having a professional do a full analysis, I wanted to give you some tips to empower yourself when you’re house hunting so you can make a more informed judgment and find the right home for you and your family. 

Key Takeaways 

When I was recently looking for a rental here in Boulder, CO, I looked at 20 places and every single one of them had signs of water damage一including homes that were built less than two years ago. There are quite a few inconspicuous visual cues to tune into when touring a space, such as cracking between two pieces of drywall (which often gets mislabeled as the house settling). Because the symptoms of mold exposure mimic Hashimoto’s, water damage and exposure to mold is something that you should consider when buying, renting, or building a home. 

How To Use Your Senses To Detect Water Damage and Mold 

If you enter a home and detect any sort of musty smell or something that resembles cat pee, there’s likely mold. It’s also helpful to tap into how your physical body is feeling and look out for any signs of brain fog, headache, or feeling like you can’t finish your sentences. Using your vision to detect obvious and hidden signs of water damage, like bubbling on the walls and stains on concrete, are also key when inspecting a home. 

New Construction vs. Old Construction 

My mold inspector informed me that newer builds usually look great for about two years, but because they were built so quickly, signs of water damage or water infiltration start to pop up faster than they do in older homes. On the other hand, older builds are more likely to have water damage events. From the moment a house is built, the building materials like wood and drywall can get infiltrated by water and start to degrade. 

In This Episode 

Emily shares her current journey that she’s on with inspecting mold in rental properties [ 3:09 ]

Emily lists the 5 things that she always checks when she’s touring a home [ 5:08 ]

Emily explains how a mold inspector can differentiate between poor craftsmanship and water damage [ 7:43 ]

Emily articulates why she would never live in a home with a crawlspace [ 9:16 ]

Emily talks about the difference between new and old builds [ 11:13 ]

Emily breaks down the two factors that help her make an educated home buying or renting decision [ 13:04 ]


If you have that genetic snip when you go into a moldy home, it may feel like you have symptoms of brain fog, headache fatigue, can’t finish your sentence, confusion, or dizziness. [4:32]

Mold can grow within 24 hours, so if there’s water damage in a new build, you can still have mold. [12:33]

If we strengthen our terrain, our nervous system, our resilience, our gut microbiome, the amount of muscle we have in the bone, we can detox from those exposures more easily, and ideally, more quickly. [13:37]

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Topics Covered:

  • Common symptoms of mold exposure 
  • Insight from my personal experiences with mold inspections 
  • Details and signs that are easy to miss when looking for water damage
  • Who’s responsible for mold remediation in a rental home
  • What exactly to look out for with gutters 
  • My thought process around renting a home with water damage 

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