Do you want to lose weight and beat fatigue for good?

PLUS a $250 value in bonuses!

A Guided Exercise Program

I invite you to get my exclusive online training, THYROID STRONG, where I teach you how to feel strong and confident in your body if you struggle with Hashimoto’s.

Let’s be real for a second! Does this feel like you?

Do you feel sluggish & unmotivated to get out of bed and go workout?

Do you try to exercise but feel like you injure yourself every time?

Do you worry about relapsing into extreme fatigue if you do workout?

 There is a way to feel better and live better

Imagine what your life would look like if…

  • You woke up more energized and didn’t need that cup of coffee.
  • You chased your kids around and picked them up without the fear of hurting yourself.
  • You never worried about injuring yourself in the gym because you trusted your form.

PLUS a $250 value in bonuses!

A 10-part video course that will give you the exclusive training you need to get your momentum and energy back.

These guided exercises I specifically developed to help you overcome Hashimoto’s. Get back on track with my simple, effective workouts you can easily incorporate into your daily routine!

In addition to these value packed videos, you’ll also receive:



This kit contains downloadable PDF’s to get you started on the right path with your exercise routine. 

It includes a printable calendar, road map, and good form/bad form visuals so you are guided every step of the way. This means you can watch the videos, feel the moves in your body, and stay engaged, without scrambling to take notes.



We all know sitting is a part of life and having the best posture while sitting is essential. We may have flare ups of muscle aches and joint pain, but don’t let it be from poor posture or not knowing how to set your desk up for the best ergonomic success. 

In this kit, there are downloadable PDF’s you can print and put next to your home office or work desk. These PDF’s help you set up your desk for good posture, know with certainty what good posture actually looks like, and takes you through exercises you can do right at your desk to relieve muscle tension.



Come hang out with awesome women who are taking control of their bodies in our private Facebook Group. 

This is a safe place where you can ask all those questions you’re too embarrassed to ask elsewhere, share your success stories, get feedback and ideas from other women struggling with Hashimoto’s, and celebrate your wins. AND Private access to me with weekly Q+A’s and monthly Live Video calls with Functional Medicine experts who specialize in healing Hashimoto’s from the inside!



A comprehensive guide on how to know the difference between good form and bad form while working out. 

As you’ll learn, the breath and proper cues for good form are the foundation of strength training. Not only does this e-book include information such how to deadlift, squat, and do a push up with your own bodyweight, there are also multiple exercise variations to get you on your way to your strongest self, while losing weight and beating fatigue.    

Thyroid Strong identifies potential weaknesses in the body, and teaches you how to move properly as you strength train.

We, as women with Hashimoto’s can often feel low energy and weak. We focus on strength training to help maintain muscle mass. I take you through a warm up, 4 rehab videos to heal aches and pains in the body, and a beginner workout to help get you back into a regular workout routine.

At the end of this program, I promise you will have the tools to feel confident getting back into a daily exercise routine and how to move with good form so you don’t injure yourself.

My Risk-Free Guarantee

I stand by my program because we’ve run hundreds of women through it, including myself. If you feel like you’re not getting the maximum benefit from the program, please send us a video of your beginner workout. I will review your video, give you personal feedback and review your refund request. Refunds must be requested within 14-days of original purchase date.

That’s my money back guarantee.

But I can also guarantee nothing will change if you don’t take action.

Hi! I’m Dr. Emily Kiberd…

The Founder of Thyroid Strong and I’ve helped thousands of women with Hashimoto’s beat fatigue with simple sustainable exercises to help heal their joints and thyroid. I have tailored this program over the last 12 years in private practice in New York City. With my program, women get back to what they love, FASTER.


I feel so much stronger in my body after 4 weeks of Thyroid Strong. My knee was hurting every time I walked up stairs and now that pain is all gone.

- Sarah M

I finally feel like I got my core back and can pick up my baby without back pain.

- Heather F

My energy has spiked! I no longer feel exhausted. I feel more grounded and less up and downs in my energy through the day.

- Alison B

Thyroid Strong has been responsible for increasing energy and mental clarity in thousands of women.

With my 10 part personalized workout plan, THYROID STRONG, you eliminate all the guesswork of how to workout without pain and never again waste time or money on ineffective exercise programs again.

PLUS a $250 value in bonuses!