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Without the fear of flare-ups, endless fatigue, or frustrating weight-loss plateaus

If you’re a woman with Hashimoto’s looking to get passed the crushing exhaustion and back into a “Damn I feel good!” kind of workout routine (you know, one that you’re actually able to stick with because it doesn’t crush you every day), you already know you need to work with someone who understands your specific needs.

You know exercise SHOULD make you feel and look your best, but instead you’re achy, tight, and stuck in a weight gain cycle from hell.

You’ve probably realized life is busy enough (let alone with the added stress of a thyroid diagnosis) so you absolutely need an easy-to-follow plan with quick workouts that cut to the chase on perfect form, avoid pain, and get you results.



You’re already doing #allthethings for your diet, your meds are dialed in, and your supplement cabinet needs its own zip code at this point (don’t even get me started on alllll the tests you’ve done!)

But if you miss working out without pain and are ready to feel confident in your body again, a strength-training program designed specifically with you and your Hashimoto’s in mind can show you all of this is TRUE:

You CAN workout without flare-ups

So you don’t have to spend a week recovering from every workout class you attend, or feel like you got hit by a truck from one HIIT class.

You WILL shed the stubborn weight gain

No more hating how you look in your clothes, or comparing yourself to your neighbor on the treadmill who seems to get leaner by the hour. The right program will have you working smarter, not harder, while looking the way you want without rebounding every few weeks.

Your energy will increase overnight

So you can stop crawling into bed after work and get back to playing with your kids, running errands with ease, and actually look forward to meeting your friends for dinner.

There’s a clear path forward

With the right program, you’ll have a routine in your pocket (literally, right on your phone!) to take all the second-guessing out of your workouts – not just today, but every day from here on out.

You deserve to feel inspired to face the future with confidence

Stay with me on this one: once you feel strong and grounded within your body, the impossible becomes possible. It’s not at all uncommon for women who commit to getting strong the smart way to end up finally asking for a long overdue promotion, leaving their dead-end relationship, or starting the dream business they’ve been dying to launch.

If you’re thinking to yourself right now, “Yea obviously I WANT to feel better but nothing ever works” then just know — you aren’t alone.

It feels like the path to getting in shape should be clear, but often (especially when Hashimoto’s is involved) it’s anything but.

Even though your reasons are clear to finally get back to working out despite your Hashimoto’s symptoms, the path to doing so is anything but clear.

Every so often you get the courage to try again.

You sign up for a new cardio dance class or hop on the bike, or maybe you’ve even spent hundreds of dollars on a trainer who promised to hold you accountable and finally help you reach your fitness goals.

And for a little while, it’s working. You’re having a blast, seeing the weight come off and getting excited. You think, “this is it, I’m back!”

But a few weeks in, you feel the oh-so-familiar throb in your joints creep back in. It takes more and more alarm snoozes to peel your achy body out of bed every morning. Your progress plateaus even though you’re doing what’s always worked in the past.

Your doctor tells you to back off the high-impact workouts and stick to walking or yoga, but you want to keep losing weight and know you can’t get there with such low impact exercise.

It feels like no one understands how hard you’re trying and nothing that works for the women around you is working for you.

You have too many incredible things to do with your life to keep wasting your time on dead-end workouts and worsening symptoms.

As an already busy go-getter, you need to be able to focus on what’s most important to you, whether that’s your career, your family, or your pain-free travel plans.

Every flare-up takes away another opportunity to play with your kids, see your friends, or see the world. 

But the good news your trainers and traditional doctors might not be telling you (because most of them don’t know) is with the right path, you can finally stop waiting for your next exercise induced flare up and take back control.

There’s a way forward allowing you to put down your guard and step back into your power so that you can be strong, lean, and present for your life.

That is, if you’re ready.

The 4 Reasons Your Workouts Might Be Failing You

(and what to do instead to get the results you’re after!)

Going into your workouts without a long-term, cohesive plan

You’re busy. And on top of that, you have these annoying flares, your hands hurt, and no amount of sleep seems to catch you up.

So you jump into Facebook or YouTube and snag a workout that looks fun and have at it! Or you sign up for whichever classes at your gym fit your crazy schedule.

I get it, who has time to program a clear workout?! But if you truly want to see progress with your pain, your fatigue, and especially your strength, you need to step back and take the time to create (and follow) a training program that covers all areas of strength, mobility, functional movement and recovery.

Your trainer doesn’t have experience with Hashimoto’s

Perhaps you figured out you needed a plan, so you made the huge investment of hiring a personal trainer.

They took your measurements, wrote down your goals, and then proceeded to hit you with all their standard workouts they use to see results in everyone else.

But here’s the thing – you’re not everyone else.

Your energy levels aren’t playing along, and when the inches don’t drop off as seamlessly as your trainer thinks they should, they might even start blaming YOU for it! Questioning your diet, and your work ethic.

You aren’t doing anything wrong. You just need to put your hard work and commitment into a plan that’s strategically set up for women with Hashi’s unique roadblocks, so you can stop wasting valuable energy on techniques meant with someone else in mind.

Our culture teaches us ladies more cardio = more weight loss

We’ve all heard this advice: if you want to lose weight while avoiding bulk you need to stick to hours of high-intensity cardio each week.

You’re no quitter, so you jump in!  Barre, pilates, spin, step, HIIT, cardio-kick-boxing… name the class and you’re there. All too soon you’re also burned out and can barely get out of bed.

The thing is, we’ve seen it over and over again: switching from hours of cardio to short, effective strength training is the BEST way to gain the strength your body needs to help support your thyroid while shedding the extra layers.

If you’re dedicated to a short and sweet strength training workout and to looking killer in your clothes, you owe it yourself to try something new.

Your workouts aren’t addressing your joint pain

Are your joints achy and sore, even from moderate movement, as if they’re holding you up all of the time? Do your elbows, knees, and thumbs bend back further than everyone else’s?  Maybe you even feel anxious when you workout, or your joints hurt every time you pick up a weight?

If this is you, you may not know that hypermobility is really common in women with Hashimoto’s.

The great news: with the right guidance, your workouts can give you the strength and stability your body is craving to protect your joints and help you to feel in control of your movement, both in the gym and out.

Okay, Real Talk:

While there are countless ways to get fit, lose weight, or gain energy (helloooo third cup of coffee), most of them are not going to get you where you want to go, especially with Hashimoto’s.

And the main reason for this, as you’ve likely seen by now, is not just any cardio class, HIIT group, or weight-lifting program is safe or even close to effective for someone with Hashimoto’s.

But if you can commit to a truly sustainable, Hashi-specific training plan to specifically walk you through strength, recovery, and mindset each and every step of the way, you can truly build a life for yourself outside of Hashimoto’s – one filled with strength, ease, energy, and a future to get excited about.

And with your permission, that’s what I’d love to help you create.


The only workout program built specifically for women with Hashimoto’s who are ready to exercise again and THRIVE (without pain and frustrating set-backs)

Hi, I’m Emily. I’ve spent 12 years as a Doctor of Chiropractic medicine, helping thousands of women (including myself) thrive with their Hashimoto’s and overcome crippling fatigue, pain, injury, and confusion so they can get back to feeling like themselves again.

Now, I’ve taken everything I’ve learned through my in-person practice in NYC and channeled it into this 6-week, exclusive training program walking you through the exact solutions you need to feel strong and confident in your body, without the fear of set-backs, injury, or frustrating progress plateaus.

With Thyroid Strong, you’ll be able to finally stop wasting money on ineffective training plans and learn exactly what exercises are best for healing your hormones and how to do each one effectively and safely. Plus, you’ll walk away with weeks of brain-fog-busting, energy-boosting workouts written specifically with you in mind, so you never need to feel confused about what to do next, or scared of another flare-up.

Thyroid Strong is the only course of its kind that…

Treats you as a whole person, not a diagnosis

No more pink dumbbells or chair yoga. It’s time to get back to workouts that actually meet your goals—and make sure you’re strong enough to stay there.

Understands Hashimoto’s Inside and Out

Finally a program with Hashimoto’s specifically in mind so you don’t have to worry about Hashi flare-ups, overtraining, or injury ever again.

Provides a plan you can implement immediately

No more confusion or guessing. Let’s get you a clear, streamlined program so you know exactly which workouts to do next and how to do them, every day.

Here’s what’s inside:

Setting the Stage for Success

  • The 3 Principles to every strength training move so you never have to worry about injuring yourself again
  • How to know which weights are perfect for YOU for every exercise so you’re never guessing or losing your perfect form.

Moving Out of Pain

  • Expert guidance on how to assess, manage, and move out of pain in each area of the body including individual videos specifically targeting the neck, shoulders, low back, and hips.

Building Energy, Strength, and Confidence in Your Workouts from Beginner to Advanced

  • The last warm-up video you’re ever going to need to prep your entire body for movement, every time
  • Over a dozen guided workout videos that take you step-by-step through full-body workouts to break a sweat, kick-start your energy, and hit your goals in less than 20 minutes a day, 3x a week.
  • Progressive programming from beginner through intermediate to advanced workouts so you’re never bored or plateauing with your results.

Exclusive Bonuses:

Private, Members-Only Facebook Community

Get all the support of a gym community without having to leave the comfort of your living room or squeeze your schedule around class time.

  • Form life-long friendships with strong women who understand what it’s like to live with Hashimoto’s and want to thrive with you.
  • Stay motivated and accountable through your new friends and battle buddies as you progress through this program, getting stronger together.

The Ergonomic Action Plan

Your energy-boosting workouts are less than half an hour of your day—these guides will ensure the other 23.5 hours are taken care of.

  • The key to setting up your desk for pain-free weekdays and increased focus as a woman with Hashimoto’s.
  • The top 9 yoga stretches you should do right from your office or living room to break up your day and loosen your body so your joints and muscles thank you later (i.e. how to stop rubbing your achy muscles every fifteen minutes and actually do something about it!)
  • The Proper Posture Checklist to lock in your foundational strength and ease the pains we unknowingly cause by our own habits.

The Definitive Guides to Good vs Bad form for EVERY exercise

Never wonder again, “am I doing this right?”

  • The Rock Star Strength Guide is the only guide you’ll ever need to finally understand the sometimes-contradictory cues you’ve heard in the past and instead perfect your form on every single exercise.
  • Learn how to judge for yourself if your squats or deadlifts ‘look right’ and, if they don’t, what exactly you need to adjust to get them into shape.
  • Diagrams, photos, and detailed captions for each lift to take all the guesswork out. Don’t even think about spending hours on YouTube looking for a trusted source ever again – it’s all right here.

Exclusive Interviews with Top Names in Thyroid Health

All the answers to the questions you didn’t know to ask, in one place, growing every month!

  • What bloodwork to ask your doctor for (both traditional and functional medicine fields) and how to read the sometimes-confusing results.
  • Demystifying the MTHFR gene and how it might be affecting your thyroid health.
  • Should you be on a low-histamine diet as a woman with Hashimoto’s?
  • How toxins in your home are affecting your thyroid and how to choose safer cleaning supplies, plastics, and more.
  • Which shoes to wear when you’re working out and why.
  • Why protein is super important for building muscle, especially in thyroid patients.

Dr Emily Kiberd  makes wonderful modifications. I have Hashimotos and Rheumatoid arthritis and have some limited mobility in my elbow and have knee pain. I feel stronger and never thought I’d be swinging or deadlifting kettlebells. I was skeptical at first cause I really love cycling, barre and Pilates. But felt like I was always wired after or felt horrible for days. This has been the perfect  balance for me.”

- Sara L.

I feel so grateful that I found Emily and this program. Before starting this program, I felt physically so weak and desperate because I tried to do what everyone suggested and what was most familiar to me, like yoga and long walks, but everything left me feeling weaker. I was a bit worried that Thyroid Strong would be too much for me and I’d end up at bottom again as I had never lifted weights before, but I started to feel stronger! I kept my muscle! I had more energy! I felt sooo happy, relieved and actually hopeful that I can have a strong functional body again. I love working with Emily because she is easy going, welcoming, inclusive and open. I don’t feel an ounce of judgement, instead I feel she offers nothing but support, understanding and hope.”

- Katie O.

Thyroid Strong Participant

“Before Thyroid Strong, I had three different personal trainers during a 6 year period. I was looking for help to break a plateau in weight loss. I heard Dr. Emily Kiberd on a podcast and I thought this may be what I need. I drew a line in the sand and said that the Thyroid Strong program will be the last program that I will buy. At first I thought, ‘This is too easy’ but a day after the workout I could feel like I really worked my muscles well. I’d recommend this to anyone with thyroid issues!

- Norma H.

Thyroid Strong Participant

The Thyroid Strong Guarantee

I have personally watched hundreds of committed women (including myself) complete this program with life-changing results. They gain strength, lose those last stubborn pounds, and most importantly, rediscover what it feels like to trust their bodies again.

Dedicate your best self to the first two weeks of the program where you’ll learn crystal-clear exercise form and how to finally move out of pain, and I promise you’re going to uncover confidence and energy to keep going.

If, after the first 14-days from the start of the program, you’ve jumped all in but still don’t feel your body and mindset are changing for the better, send me an email showing us a recording of your first warm-up and workout, and we’ll refund your investment. Review the course terms and conditions.

I feel better now than I have in seventeen plus years. I have less joint pain, more energy, I’m eating differently and feeling better in my clothes. Thyroid Strong is so practical and I love being able to do all of my workouts at home. Everything is mapped out beautifully: the warm-up, the workout with verbal cues and a cool down.  All you have to do is show up and get ‘er done.

- Stephanie P.

If you’re a woman diagnosed with a thyroid disorder, regardless of age, and don’t know what to do next, you need Thyroid Strong, especially if you’re looking for answers and feel like traditional medicine isn’t helping.”

- Olga W.

Thyroid Strong Participant

“The best thing I did for my Hashimotos is Thyroid Strong! I started the program to learn a new way to exercise, knowing nothing about kettlebells, and fell in love. I had more energy and my fatigue diminished greatly! The program is set up for beginners, with great cueing in the videos and support in the Facebook group. If you have Hashimotos and are fighting fatigue and weight gain, this is the program for you! I highly recommend it!”

- Cheryl L.

Join Thyroid Strong Today and You’ll Get…

The full Thyroid Strong Program (a $497 value)

Gain access to the only warm-ups you’ll ever need, easy to follow workouts, training calendar, exercise guides, and rehab videos so you can stop worrying about your workouts and let movement feel good again.

Plus these limited-time bonuses (a $900 value):

The Private, Members-Only Facebook Community

All the support, accountability, encouragement, and answers to questions without having to leave the comfort of your living room.

Ergonomic Action Plan

Specific stretches, yoga poses, ergonomic desk set-up, and posture checklists will ensure your entire day is centered around helping you thrive. Feeling good and pain free should happen all the other hours of the day as well!

The Definitive Guides to Good vs. Bad form for EVERY exercise

Never wonder again, “am I doing this right?” with photos, detailed descriptions, and diagrams for exactly how to perform every lift, and how to self-correct if you’re feeling a bit off.

Exclusive Interviews with Top Names in Thyroid Health

Learn about all things thyroid-health, from the MTHFR gene to what blood work you might want to order to which shoes are best for working out. We’ll be adding new interviews all the time so that you’re always up to date on the latest information!

When you add it all up, it’s a value of $1500.

But because it’s so important to me that you join the group of women reclaiming their lives the healthy way, if you join today I’m offering the full program and bonuses for…

3 Easy Payment Plan of $167

$139 every 2 weeks

A single investment of $497


Thyroid Strong is PERFECT for you if…

You’re already working with a doc to get your meds, supplements, and lifestyle in shape, but you’re ready for your workouts to feel the same way.

You’re willing to set aside what hasn’t been working for you in the past and trust that (with expert guidance and a killer community behind you every step of the way) you can finally cross-off your fitness goals in a new, sustainable way.

You know that working out needs to be a staple in your life, so making the time for three, 20-minute workouts per week will be an easy priority to put into place (even if some weeks you need to get a little creative to do it!)

You’re new to lifting and know that the smartest way to avoid getting hurt and make sure you’re doing the moves right is to work with an expert who’s already successfully walked hundreds of women safely and effectively through this before.

You’re sick of struggling with weight loss and want to fix it once and for all.

You’re ready to take action and excited to feel the energy boost that comes from lifting weights without overdoing it.

If you said “yes” to at least 4 of the above, I can’t wait to meet you inside Thyroid Strong.

Here’s what you’re getting when you enroll today:

Thyroid Strong – $497 Value

PLUS all the Bonuses…

  • The Private, Members-Only Facebook Community 
  • Ergonomic Action Plan 
  • The Definitive Guides to Good vs Bad form for EVERY exercise 
  • Exclusive Interviews with Top Names in Thyroid Health

Total Value: $900

When you add it all up, it’s a value of $1500.

But when you enroll today, you’ll get access to everything

for just:

3 Easy Payment Plan of $167

$139 every 2 weeks

A single investment of $497



What our most successful students asked before enrolling in Thyroid Strong

What if I’ve never lifted weights before?

No problem! This program is designed to walk you through exactly how and when to do each exercise, covering everything from warm-ups and workouts to posture and breathing. Plus our bonus guides will ensure you have perfect form, so you never need to worry about getting injured or ‘doing it wrong’ again.

I’ve been lifting for a long time - is this only for beginners?

All levels will benefit from this course! In fact, as any seasoned lifter will tell you, it’s the complete and total mastery of the foundations that lead to the best and most lasting outcomes. This course will help you take a step back and recalibrate the way you’ve been taught to workout so it suits your needs as a woman with Hashimoto’s, getting you get back on track with your strength goals once and for all.

I’ve already tried everything - how do I know this will be the one that sticks?

Unfortunately, there is no magic pill. If you’re still so far into the trenches of Hashi’s that you can’t physically get out of bed, or haven’t worked out the proper protocol with a great doctor yet, this may not be the time for you.

That said, if you never try, nothing ever changes. This is the only program out there right now that progressively and specifically addresses your hormonal obstacles and leads you through working out thoughtfully and safely, for hundreds of dollars less than you’d spend on a trainer.

Show up with your whole self one more time and see what you can build for yourself.

I have limited time, how much time do I need to invest in this each week?

Each workout is designed to take just around 20 minutes! That means even the most busy women can find time to get fit and healthy.

What kind of equipment do I need?

No fancy gym membership or a ton of space required!

Ideally, you’ll have:

Two 12 kilo kettlebells (25 pounds each), 

Two 16 kilo kettlebells (35 pounds each),

And two 20 kilo kettlebells (44 pounds each).

And that’s it!

What if I don’t have weights?

You can DEFINITELY get started in this program with only the first two kettlebells (two, 12 kilo/25 pound kettlebells). It’s a small but worthwhile investment that we highly encourage you to make for yourself. Kettlebells are versatile, inexpensive, and last forever! 

(We recommend Kettlebell Kings as they offer free shipping!)

What if I only have dumbbells?

While we encourage you to invest in kettlebells (see FAQ #5 and #6), the majority of our workout videos offer adjustments for using dumbbells as well! We never want equipment to be what holds you back from your goals.

What if I don’t know the moves or the right form?

Not only will you be able to watch each workout in real time through the weekly videos, you’ll also receive bonus guides depicting in super detailed pictures and descriptions how to do each and every move so you never have to feel like you’re unsure.

What if I have a hard time getting motivated?

You’re not alone there, friend. Our exclusive Facebook community will be there for you every step of the way to encourage and share wins, struggles, and questions. There’s truly nothing like being a part of a community that is not only doing the exact workouts you’re doing, but has the same Hashi struggles and stories to share!

What if I’m a new mom and have only so much energy or limited time?

If you’re suffering from postpartum thyroiditis, you should first know that you’re not alone, and I see you. These workouts are designed to be quick (less than 20 minutes!) and effective, without draining you or taking up a ton of space or equipment.

How much is it again?

For the full course and the bonuses, it’s a one-time payment of $497  $397 or 3 bi-weekly payments of $167 $139.

Join Thyroid Strong Today

“When I started Thyroid Strong I posted about how stinking heavy 12 kilo bells are…to now, and the realization I can do hard things!! I hope this inspires someone to pull the trigger and take the step for themselves into what can be!! I will be eternally grateful to Dr. Emily for giving me what I needed to step into myself as a strong, more empowered, energetic, capable, iron-willed woman!!

- Bailey D.

“Emily has a deep sense of personal integrity – if she doesn’t believe in something she won’t put it out there, so if she puts it out there you know it’s trustworthy. Thyroid Strong fills a very unique gap that ties the challenges of those with autoimmunity/inflammation as it relates to strength. I’d recommend it to anyone recovering from chronic illness or new to training.”

- Gabrielle Lyon

Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine

“What sets Emily apart is her drive for greatness! It oozes from her pores. She walks the walk and talks the talk. She lives and breathes movement.

Sometimes when we assess patients, she can see things that no one else sees. It’s amazing to see her figure out the source of pain with a clear plan of attack.

- Bethany Vivo

Orthopedic Massage Therapist

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