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The #1 Thing Most Women Overlook on their Weight Loss Journey

by | Feb 23, 2023 | Podcast

For this week’s solo shorty, I took about 20 minutes of my three part masterclass series on How to Lose Weight with Hashimoto’s, and this very first part is the number one recommendation I make for women with Hashimoto’s to change how they’re eating, to boost their energy and to start to feed their muscle tissue, which then start to put you on the path of losing weight.

If you’re like, wow, this 20 minute clip from the first hour long masterclass was the bomb, you can purchase the entire masterclass series. It is worth its weight in gold. It is everything. I wish I knew when I was first diagnosed with Hashimoto’s. You can purchase from now until tomorrow night at a deep, incredible discount for all the gems that are inside this masterclass. It is $37 from now until Friday, 12 midnight, and you can go to this link to get access, lifetime access to all three. Masterclass. It is

So if you’re like, wait, what was that again? Don’t worry, I’ll put in the show notes.

Other things we talk about, not only how and what to eat to lose weight with Hashimoto’s. Yes, we talk about calories and calories out, but we also talk about thyroid hormones and gut health and how that affects the calories that we absorb.

We also talk about how to work out to lose weight with Hashimoto’s without the burnout. And then lastly, the third masterclass is how to identify root causes contributing to weight gain with Hashimoto’s. Some of the things we talk about are how to lose weight after mold exposure, mycotoxins, parasites, obesogens, endocrine disruptors, plasticizers, all the things we have barrage in our body day in and day out, just living life. We also talk about amalgams and water quality.

These are all the different factors to start to consider when you wanna lose weight. With Hashimoto’s, yes, calories matter, but there is much, much more. So if you’re interested, the masterclass is $37 now until basically tomorrow night, Friday night, and then it goes back up in price to $197. You got lifetime access to rinse and repeat protocols that I continue to use even while I’m in remission. So enjoy the first 20 minutes of this masterclass and I hope to see you on the inside of the masterclass.

In this Episode:

00:00 My Hashimoto’s journey into remission

05:15 What is Hashimoto’s

6:15 Symptoms of Hashimoto’s

8:05 Why prioritize the Muscle with Hashimoto’s

14:57 Why eat protein with Hashimoto’s

18:30 How eating protein helps lose weight with Hashimoto’s

Link to purchase the Masterclass:

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