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101 / How to Regain Health and Confidence Through Strength Training with Aleena Kanner

by | Sep 24, 2020 | Podcast

Many of us work, play, and train at full throttle. But when we overdo it, we create problems whose solutions go beyond massage, adjustments, and ultrasounds. Today’s guest helps her clients rehabilitate through a conscious and comprehensive strength training approach.

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Key Takeaways

Peak performance training just isn’t sustainable. Sooner or later, something is going to give. Instead of just pushing their physical limits to the breaking point, strength training in an optimal way will help establish actual healthy results and heal a career of injury.

About Aleena Kanner

Aleena Kanner is a Certified Athletic Trainer and NASM Certified Personal Trainer. She obtained a Master’s degree from the University of Arkansas in 2016. Soon after, Aleena opened her own business in New York City to bridge the gap between rehabilitation, movement, and resistance training with her clients. 

Aleena’s approach to strength training centers on optimizing individual performance and longevity by teaching individuals to become the masters of their own habits. She believes that rehab and strength training are on a continuum and that in order to feel our best we must move efficiently, load effectively, and train repetitively.

Athleticism is not Health

Many people confuse athletics with health. Looking at Olympians and other high-level performers, it’s easy to conclude that they represent the pinnacle of health. Aleena knows that that is often not the case. Often, they’re injured and overtraining with hormonal imbalances.

Moving Better for Better Health

Being able to load and move the body in an efficient way is the foundation of better strength training. This means moving away from symmetrical stances and emphasizing functional movement. In particular, getting the ribs in the right position so that they aren’t flaring, is at the foundation of Aleena’s approach.

How can strength training play a role in your rehabilitation? Leave a comment below! 

In this episode

  • Bettering yourself and your clients through strength training [2:00]
  • Listening to your body when it says it’s time to stop overtraining [5:40]
  • The elements of efficient strength training [11:25]
  • How treating someone’s physical stance can lead to a reduction in anxiety [19:37]
  • Healing numerous ailments by focusing on gut health [26:36]
  • Dealing with the fear that surrounds movement [31:25]
  • The three things anyone can do to feel better in their body [35:38]


“You’re preparing yourself to be a really great athlete and great at your sport. But that is not health.” [9:57]

“Strength training efficiently for the human body to work in the most optimal way possible is the best way to exercise.” [11:13]

“Your body can heal if it’s given the right things to heal with.” [31:19]

“Everyone’s thoughts should be on their health right now. In order to protect your immune system, you should be exercising and eating healthy and supporting your immune system.” [38:09]


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