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103 / How to Find and Remove Toxic Mold From Your Home the Right Way with Brian Karr

by | Oct 8, 2020 | Podcast

Even after mold remediation, people still get sick. That’s because mold is extremely hard to vanquish for good. And mold affects so many of us. As many as 40 percent of the population is mold sensitive. That’s why it’s crucial that you not only identify its presence but get rid of it too.

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Key Takeaways

Historic water damage is more likely a source of mold than a recent incident. Even when the water is gone, the mold will stay behind. That’s why a proper inspection should take some time. It involves looking everywhere.

Remediation is a big process. What it’s really doing is removing biotoxins that make you sick. This is not a place to cut corners. Even though it is a big process, if done correctly, there is hope that your health will improve and you’ll be safe in your home.

About Brian Karr

Brian Karr is the expert mold inspector you wish you had. He is the go-to mold and biotoxin resource for many medical practitioners, particularly functional medicine doctors. Brian has helped over 3,000 hypersensitive individuals nationwide create healthier living environments.

Finding Hidden Sources of Mold

Mold does not discriminate. It affects some people differently than others, but it causes ill effects on anyone. That’s why having a proper inspection is so important. Even if there is no obvious or recent sign of water damage in your home, mold can still be present. In fact, Brian seldom deals with mold from recent damage. Usually, the cause happened some time ago. That’s why, as Brian describes, an inspection needs to be extremely thorough.

Getting Rid of All the Mold in Your Home

Once mold has been found and identified, it needs to be removed. Remediation is a big process. It might involve removing significant parts of your walls, floors, and ceilings. However, half-measures will just mean that your problems will return before too long. Brain shares how he tests, both before and after remediation, and the questions you should ask anyone you hire to rid your home of toxic mold.

Tell me about how you’ve rid your home of mold in the comments below! 

In this episode

  • How to detect mold when there’s no obvious water damage [5:58]
  • Questions to ask in order to find a well-informed inspector [11:20]
  • The best approaches for finding the sources of mold in your home [21:00]
  • How to remediate properly so that the mold is actually all gone [27:20]
  • The actual value of a post-remediation inspection [31:38]
  • Where aspergillus can actually be found [42:45]
  • Why it’s important to have a professional remediate your home [46:28]
  • Why geography has very little impact on the mold in your home [48:38]
  • How to decide what to bring back into your home after remediation [50:09]


“I think the big misconception is that there has to be a water issue happening right now for there to be a problem. It’s usually not often that you see that. Most times, it’s historical water issues that cause the problem.” [9:02]

“We should be treating this as if we’re in a hospital and need to clean this the right way because, ultimately, we’re dealing with biotoxins.” [29:20]

“Mold – it can be growing or not growing – either way, it’s a problem for us. If the particles are breaking off the colony, even if the colony is ‘dead’, we still breathe that in.” [41:43]

“It’s so important to have people who understand the process [of remediation] in there doing it. And yes, it can be expensive, the same way that medical treatment can be expensive. But we’re basically applying medical treatment to your house.” [47:48]


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