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The Importance of Eating Protein for Hashimoto’s

The Importance of Protein in a Hashimoto's Diet

You’re here because you’re ready to feel better, be stronger, and lose weight by changing your relationship with Hashimoto’s. Let me first say, congratulations! Change is possible and your diet is the best place to begin focusing your efforts to gain and maintain muscle mass. I want to help you tweak your diet to stay fuller longer, maintain your muscle mass, and begin healing on a cellular level. To accomplish these goals, we’re going to talk PROTEIN.

About Dr. Emily

I’m Emily Kiberd DC. I’m a chiropractor, movement specialist, strength enthusiast, and Mama to Elvis and Baby Brooklyn.

And I put my Hashimoto’s into remission.

I help women struggling with Hashimoto’s learn how to workout without burning out to lose weight and beat fatigue so they can feel their best.

I created Thyroid Strong to help women across the country feel strong and confident in their body.

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