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Unlocking the Power of Prebiotics for Optimal Gut Health with Dr Alexis Cowan PhD

by | May 1, 2023 | Podcast

Unlocking the Power of Prebiotics for Optimal Gut Health with Dr Alexis Cowan PhD

If you’ve plateaued on your weight loss journey with Hashimoto’s and you’re wondering, can poor gut health or inflammation contribute to weight loss resistance, then this Thyroid Strong episode with Dr Alexis Cowan is for you.

Calories in, calories out 100% matter when it comes to weight loss but this is not the only thing that matters, If you get your gut microbiome balanced and functioning optimally, you’ll start with a better base of health to jump start your weight loss journey.

In this episode, we talk about:

00:00 Introduction to Dr Alexis Cowan and her own weight loss journey

12:33 Childhood antibiotic use can after your gut microbiome

13:18 The role our microbiome plays in terms of the management of inflammatory conditions

15:10 The role of Akkermansia in overall gut health

16:29 Why gut health matter as much as calories for weight loss

19:49  If fat loss is the goal, why someone should 100% focus on their gut health

21:58 If someone is not feeling full, what should they consider?

26:43 How to eat a resistance starch

28:10 Dr Cowan’s gut protocol

30:57 The importance of HMO’s for gut health

31:13 The importance of red polyphenols for gut health

31:44 The importance of red apple peels for gut health

35:40 Why feed the gut bacteria versus just taking probiotics

39:34 Bloating with taking prebiotics

45:31 Environmental toxins and gut health

51:47 Steps to take to heal the gut microbiome

56:28 Zone 2 training and red light therapy for burning fat

About Dr Alexis

Dr. Alexis is a Princeton-trained PhD specializing in the metabolic effects of nutritional interventions. She is currently a post-doctoral researcher at UPenn developing novel patient tumor imaging technologies and studying the interplay between the microbiome and various disease states. She also sees clients as a health and performance optimization consultant.

IG: @dralexisjazmyn


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