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by | Mar 6, 2023 | Podcast

Annabel Bateman is a Hashimoto’s patient, author, advocate & coach. She has learnt in 25+ years of living with Hashimoto’s that the key is developing a lifestyle that supports (and doesn’t stress) her thyroid health.

Drawing on skills learnt in previous careers as a lawyer, life coach, family law mediator and author, Annabel seeks to empower, educate and encourage women with thyroid conditions to develop their own thyroid-friendly lifestyle approach to their health so they can thrive and not just survive.

She hosts a successful podcast, Let’s Talk Thyroid which seeks to spread thyroid awareness and information and is active on social media to spread positive & practical thyroid related information.

Annabel’s latest book, Let’s Talk Thyroid: Positive & Practical Thyroid Help, is all about how to live a thyroid-friendly lifestyle. Whilst there is no magic “happy thyroid” formula or protocol, you’ve got to start somewhere. This book is that somewhere.

Annabel lives in Brisbane, Australia with her husband and 3 teenage sons.

In this Episode:

  • The ebbs and flows of being diagnosed with Hashimoto’s
  • Being diagnosed as a teenager with a TSH of 185
  • Living with Hashimoto’s for 25+ years and how to navigate the journey well.
  • Lifestyle changes Annabel made to bring her TSH down
  • How often she get’s her Thyroid Labs checked now
  • How she unwinds from stress

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