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Thrive with Hashimoto’s

Follow your host, Dr. Emily Kiberd, Chiropractor and movement expert as she interviews thyroid health and functional medicine industry leaders on their simple and effective strategies to live a healthy, empowered life with Hashimoto’s.


Gain perspective from Dr. Emily Kiberd and fitness pro’s on how to to train safer, smarter and get stronger without the burn out. Level up your workouts to beat fatigue and finally lose the stubborn weight.


Understanding your body is key to rehabilitating after a Hashimoto’s related injury. Our guests discuss techniques from all over the world to heal faster and get back to what you love living with Hashimoto’s!

Functional Medicine

We ask the top functional medicine specialists about the root causes and triggers for Hashimoto’s and how to best get long-term results.

Thyroid Strong Podcast with Dr. Emily Kiberd

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McCall McPherson on Thyroid Strong Podcast
Better Understand Your Thyroid Labs and Medication with McCall McPherson

Better Understand Your Thyroid Labs and Medication with McCall McPherson

If you've been told your thyroid labs are "normal" but you feel anything but normal, then this Thyroid Strong Podcast episode is for you. Today I sit down with McCall McPherson to talk about what optimal thyroid labs should look like to feel your best and the nuanced differences all in thyroid medication.

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