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The Move Out of Pain Starter Kit

 Are you ready to cut your joint pain in half in 15 minutes?

Feel like you’re doing something wrong in your day and don’t want pain to hold you back.

Learn 4 simple and effective exercises to help you move out of pain and get your life back.

Do any of these sound familiar?

only yoga or pilates

You’ve been told to not over do it with strenuous exercise (heaven forbid you anger your thyroid and adrenals!). So you stuck to yoga and pilates. But now your joints ache even more, preventing you from seeing results in your workouts.

knee pain

You’re afraid to get on the floor to play with the kids or lift a heavy box because your knees ache all day after trying to stand back up. It feels like you’re held back in your day to day life.

How to Live with Hashimoto’s and Joint Pain, a guide by Dr Emily Kiberd

You’ve done physical therapy in the past and worry about injuring yourself or flaring up if you pick up a weight.

Then check out the

Pain-Free Starter Kit

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • 4 movement flows with a rehabilitation focus to help you move out of pain
  • Simple rehab moves taken from my 14 years in chiropractic practice distilled down into 15 minute videos
  • Exactly what to do to get yourself out of neck, back, shoulder and hip pain
  • How to relieve carpel tunnel, frozen shoulder, or knee pain on your own
Dr. Emily Kiberd

Hi, I’m Dr. Emily. And I know exactly how you feel.

I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s in 2016 after the birth of my first kiddo.

My joints ached and the pain would move around the body with no clear rhyme or reason.

I went to yoga because it was low impact and I tried pilates to strengthen my core because that was what my primary care doctor recommended . But at the end of the day, I was still hobbling around and sore.

I knew there was a better way especially as a chiropractor seeing patients in pain 8-10 hours a day. 

I took how we learned our essential movement patterns as babies and applied it to my own body.

What does that mean?

  • You never see a baby suck their belly to their spine.
  • You never see a baby arch their back or pull their shoulder blades together.
  • You DO see a baby with a belly full of breath and their ribs stacked over their pelvis as they move.

So I did the same in my body and with my patients in my clinic, and I saw people’s pain shift immediately.

These simple movement patterns helped thousands of women know that they weren’t doing something wrong in their day, they just needed to get strong and move how they were meant to move. 

The days of worrying about over doing it or avoiding an activity you love will be long gone. Dive in from the comfort of your home and learn how to get yourself out of pain with these simple tools. No physical therapist, no doctor necessary, just you.

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Move Out of Pain Starter Kit


For Only



Who is this for?

  • The woman living with Hashimoto’s who knows what it’s like to live with an autoimmune condition and doesn’t want pain to hold them back
  • The Hashi’s woman who needs a kick start to their workout but doesn’t know where to start
  • The woman who’s have been injured in the past and fears feeling pain while they exercise
  • If you need a simple but effective rehab plan to start working out again


I have limited time, how much time do I need to invest in this?

Each rehab flow is designed to take just 15 minutes! That means even the most busy women can find time to prioritize getting out of pain.

What kind of equipment do I need?

No fancy gym membership or a ton of space required!

Ideally, you’ll have:

  • Your own body weight
  • One 8 kilo or 10 kilo kettlebell (17 pounds or 22 pounds for pressing so choose according to your ability)

And that’s it!

What if I don’t know the moves or the right form?

Every single video walks you through the proper queuing, breathing, and mechanics to ensure you’ve got the right form.

What if I’m a new mom and have only so much energy or limited time?

If you’re suffering from postpartum thyroiditis, you should first know that you’re not alone, and I see you. These rehab movements are designed to be quick (less than 15  minutes!) and effective, without draining you or taking up a ton of space or equipment.

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