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Better Understand Your Thyroid Labs and Medication with McCall McPherson

by | Apr 10, 2023 | Podcast

If you’ve been told your thyroid labs are “normal” but you feel anything but normal, then this Thyroid Strong Podcast episode is for you. Today I sit down with McCall McPherson to talk about what optimal thyroid labs should look like to feel your best and the nuanced differences all in thyroid medication.


About McCall McPherson

McCall McPherson is the founder of Modern Thyroid Clinic, a thyroid-centered functional medicine practice in Austin, Texas, and the owner and Chief-Hope-Giver of Thyroid Nation. She is a physician assistant, TEDx speaker and thyroid expert by way of being a thyroid patient. Her passion for perfecting thyroid treatment stemmed from years of her suffering due to the mismanagement of her own hypothyroidism. Now she lives, breathes, and thrives in understanding the nuances of proper thyroid care. Her philosophy is simple: There is no reason to still have thyroid symptoms. She spends her time with patients to help them get their lives back and teaching and advocating for the other millions suffering who aren’t her patients.

In this episode of Thyroid Strong Podcast With McCall McPherson:

00:00 Intro to McCall McPherson and Modern Thyroid Clinic

02:13 What tests to ask your doctor to be diagnosed with Hashimoto’s

5:14 What’s the difference between the 2 thyroid antibody tests?

7:52 Conventional versus optimal normal ranges for TSH

12:11 Thyroid Ultrasound

14:52 When to diver deeper into your Hashimoto’s diagnosis, more than just a blood draw?

15:18 Why prioritize gaining energy on your Hashimoto journey over losing fat?

17:19 The difference between the different thyroid medications

22:20 Is there any downside to long-term T3 use?

26:41 How long does it take to feel better on thyroid medication?

27:13 How often do you check thyroid labs to make sure the medication dosage is correct?

28:46 Feeling anxiety on medication? Is being overmedicated possible?

31:16 What is Low Dose Naltrexone?

33:12 Why do some people not respond to Low Dose Naltrexone?

33:57 Do we need to focus on lowering thyroid antibodies?

34:51 Other medications used to help treat women living with Hashimoto’s

35:29 Semaglutide peptide

36:01 How to lose weight with Hashimoto’s

36:47 When to address adrenal issues with Hashimoto’s

37:24 How to address adrenal fatigue or adrenal insufficiency

38:05 Thyroid Empowered Course

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