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Oncology Social Worker gets her energy back w/ Thyroid Strong

by | Sep 8, 2022 | Podcast

Episode Summary

Welcome to this week’s episode of Thyroid Strong where Emily McCollum, an Oncology Social Worker supporting patients as a patient navigator in a Hospital Cancer Center, offers her experience in being diagnosed with Hashimoto’s and why Thyroid Strong means so much to her as a part of her healing journey.

Key Takeaways

Emily McCollum is one of the OG’s of Thyroid Strong and her story resonates with a lot of people because of the high stress of her job. How do you find time to workout and retain the same work hours? Emily loves to run, but she always used to suffer from extreme exhaustion after her high cardio days. How do you workout without the burnout and manage your stress?

Emily’s Hashimoto’s Journey & Before Thyroid Strong

Emily’s story starts with a very knowledgeable Dentist, who discovered erosion on her teeth. This eventually led her to having her thyroid tested and the rest is history. Emily enjoyed the runner’s high and incorporated high cardio days in between HIIT and strength training, totaling about 6 – 7 days a week in workout programs. She felt absolutely drained and stressed constantly.

Working Out with Thyroid Strong and What It Means

In April of 2020, just entering pandemic time, Emily took the plunge into the Thyroid Strong online program and trusted the process. There was immediate trust as someone also on the Hashimoto’s journey. Thyroid Strong doesn’t stop at resistance training, it moves forward with integration of nutrition, root causes, and your sleeping patterns to help feel optimal in your body living with Hashimoto’s. Emily’s encouragement to fellow Hashi ladies is to “trust the process… you will not regret it.”

In This Episode

Emily McCollum begins her Hashimoto’s story [3:36]

Finding the right doctor to partner with during treatment is crucial [8:12]

Working out before Thyroid Strong [9:46]

Likes and dislikes about Thyroid Strong [11:51]

Adjusting from mainly cardio to strength training [13:23]

What Thyroid Strong means to Emily [16:33]


“I would just encourage women to trust the process and trust who you have guiding you.” [16:33]

“You will not regret it. I feel you’ll regret staying in the same place.” [16:59]

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Topics Covered:

  • Intense cardio several days a week leading to extreme exhaustion
  • Finding a doctor that is your partner in diagnosis
  • Coping with a high stress job and the rest of what life has to offer
  • Switching to heavy weights and less reps
  • Finding your energy again to tackle life

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