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Get a great workout at home with Dr. Emily Kiberd, creator of the Thyroid Strong program.

3 moves for strength training with Hashimotos

Thyroid Strong: Bell Basics

If you don’t know where to start your workout, start here.

If you worry about overdoing it, pushing yourself into a flare up, or burning out, start here.

You’ll never need a fancy workout program once you’ve mastered the basics.

1-2 kettlebells recommended; you can also substitute with a dumbbell.

We cover good lifting form and how to pick up a kettlebell so you never get injured.

You’ll get a full body workout as you master the deadlift, push, pull, squat and lunge.

No prior lifting experience necessary.

3 moves for strength training with Hashimotos

Thyroid Strong: Intermediate Bells

A 45-minute class, perfect for strength and cardio with 1-2 kettlebells.

Every class focuses on getting a good workout without burning out. 

Each class builds upon the form learned in “Bell Basics” class and kettlebell movements to build total body strength.

Previous experience with deadlifting, squatting, overhead pressing and ballistic movements (aka the kettlebell swing) recommended.

Thyroid Strong has been responsible for increasing energy and mental clarity in thousands of women.

Booking an online class with Emily is a great, affordable way to get started and see if the Thyroid Strong program is a good fit for your healthy lifestyle.

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