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Learn this overlooked factor in your Hashimoto’s healing journey w/ Sarah Kneebone

by | Sep 5, 2022 | Podcast

Episode Summary

Welcome to this week’s episode of Thyroid Strong where Sarah Kneebone, a Holistic Hashimoto’s Health Coach, explores the emotional side of healing with Hashimoto’s. Many women on their Hashimoto’s journey have key triggers that kickstart their symptoms. Sarah is taking the chronic stress and the Type A personality for a loop and breaking down several strategies you can do right now to get your hormones back on track.

Key Takeaways

The physical symptoms of Hashimoto’s and the tangible testing to understand your specific ratio of hormones is extremely important. But what about the emotional side of Hashimoto’s? The underlying reality we create for ourselves that ultimately supported the physical symptoms that led us to endless doctor visits. How do we heal our chronic stress and trauma responses? How do we get back to our sense of self and our zest for life? Sarah is teaching us how to regulate our hormones instantaneously to get us feeling better today.

About Sarah Kneebone

Sarah Kneebone is a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and Breath work Facilitator. Her mission is for women with Hashimoto’s to live a vibrant, thriving lifestyle and to ultimately get their mojo back!

Stress Triggers and Trauma Responses

Sarah’s turning point was experiencing her stress triggers still in her pregnancy after already in remission with Hashimoto’s. She sought out to identify the fight or flight mode and how to train your brain to counteract it and return to rest, digest, and heal mode. Trauma responses also contribute to your stress triggers and often, with various types of therapy, it’s possible to push through the ‘Big T’ or ‘Little t’ trauma and begin healing on the emotional side of Hashimoto’s.

The Missing Puzzle Piece in your Hashimoto’s Healing Journey

The often overlooked factor in your Hashimoto’s healing journey is the nervous system believing it’s safe, and safe enough to function properly. Once we are aware of our triggers and trauma responses, we can take control of our nervous system with practiced breath work, ear messages, and working through trauma with a licensed professional.

In This Episode

Sarah Kneebone”s Hashimoto’s journey [2:07]

How pregnancy has the potential to alter your healing journey with Hashimoto’s [7:31]

Trauma responses and how to cope with them [10:12]

The missing puzzle piece in the Hashimoto’s healing journey [12:23]

Exercises to integrate to help relieve a stress response [14:54]

Connecting with your past trauma to move past it [17:50]

Feeling present and what it means [19:49]

The importance of Hashimoto’s being very interconnected throughout the body [21:20]

Where the holistic approach fits into the Hashimoto’s hierarchy [23:34]


“I’ve always been a person that needs to know why. And I think that’s been a big part of being able to heal. And that’s what I try and teach other people.” [5:13]

“…Your thoughts literally create your reality, your cells respond to what you’re thinking, believing, and the emotions that are running through your body.” [12:23]

“But without that missing piece of a nervous system that believes it’s safe and safe enough to thrive and to function properly, you’re never going to experience deep healing, balance, joy, playfulness–those emotions that come from being in a calm, grounded state.” [13:42]

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Topics Covered:

  • Chronic stress and easy things you can do to relieve it
  • Holistic approach to help treat Hashimoto’s
  • Emotional side to physical healing
  • Rest, digest, and heal mode allows your body to absorb more nutrients and have better gut health
  • Several ways to investigate and heal from trauma

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