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Learn how to detox from mold exposure w/ Nancy Crowell

by | Sep 12, 2022 | Podcast

Episode Summary

Welcome to this week’s episode of Thyroid Strong where Nancy Crowell, a trained doctor of oriental medicine, functional medicine, and a transformational mindset coach, instructs us how to level with ourselves in a fight or flight response and rewire our neural pathways to be resilient in fighting our inflamed state.

Key Takeaways

Nancy Crowell guides us through how to reclaim our mind and body through self-talk and rewiring our neural pathways to get back to our parasympathetic state of rest and digest. Mold is everywhere and we will never have control of every situation, but what we do have in our control is our reactions and how we respond to situations. We have the potential to commit to our wellness instead of our illness.

About Nancy Crowell

Nancy Crowell is a trained doctor of oriental medicine, functional medicine, and a transformational mindset coach. She’s a creator of the Resonance Program, a proven 12-month process specializing in helping clients with hormonal imbalance, adrenal fatigue, bloating, stress, and anxiety to be set free for a unique approach that uncovers the thoughts and emotions at the core of any disease.

Mold Exposure and How Our Body Reacts To It

Nancy discovered her exposure to mold in hindsight. Often in areas like the Pacific Northwest, there is consistent exposure to mold due to the weather. Symptoms of feeling foggy, seasonal depression, and never really feeling awake, could all be because of mold exposure. The difference in most is toxicity versus sensitivity. Some can detox from mold easily, but for others, their detox pathways need some extra attention to clear mold from their system.

Reclaiming Your Mind and Body & Building Resilience 

If you are already in detox from mold, you’re doing all of the right things, but you still find yourself in uncontrollable circumstances that lead to a fight, flight, or freeze state. Nancy illustrates how to pause, identify what you’re feeling, and then start the process of reversing your habitual thinking. Instead of following the spiral into a fearful state, we begin by building our resilience and how we are stronger than our circumstances.

In This Episode

Nancy Crowell’s history with mold and her overall environment [3:18]

How our body processes mold [8:12]

Difference between toxicity and sensitivity [11:44]

Breakdown of the limbic system [13:06]

Vagal theory and the parasympathetic state [15:47]

Reclaiming your mind and body through resilience and self talk [18:51]

Why narratives are so important in situations you cannot control [23:03

What building resilience means [27:02]

Things to do in the sympathetic state of fight, flight, or freeze [34:03]

Honoring yourself and “fake it til you make it” are one in the same [37:45]


“You can’t be committed to your health without being an environmentalist.” [9:15]

“We have to also start to evaluate, what are we committed to? Are we committed to our illness? Or are we committed to our wellness?” [17:07]

“I think this mental aspect is the big missing piece to creating that resiliency: realizing you do have so much control over the inflammation your body is having on the day to day, moment to moment level.” [25:58]

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Topics Covered:

  • Suffering from mold unknowingly in areas you live and/or study
  • How your body processes mold
  • How your brain works in a fight or flight response
  • Rewiring your neural pathways to take control of your physical health
  • What resilience means

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