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Kettlebell Trainer Steph Wilberding and her Thyroid Strong Experience

by | Jan 23, 2023 | Podcast

Steph Wilberding, is a kettlebell trainer, performer, and founder of Leading Lady Fitness. She joined Thyroid Strong after being diagnosed with Hashimoto’s and Ovulatory dysfunction in September 2021.

Steph suffered from fatigue, low back pain, and other health issues, and went to an OBGYN who diagnosed her with Hashimotos. She then saw an endocrinologist who recommended a gluten and dairy-free diet, and to take progesterone for 14 days on and 14 days off. The progesterone significantly helped with her mood and back pain, and the doctor recommended that she take it daily. At the time of diagnosis, Steph could not work out due to her pain.

She shares her experience of going from lifting heavy, to being diagnosed with Hashimoto’s, to doing Peloton to doing Thyroid Strong. She found herself enjoying the cues and felt the program was designed to support her Hashimoto’s diagnosis.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • What it’s like to be diagnosed with ovulatory dysfunction
  • The powerful effects of progesterone
  • What Steph got out of Thyroid Strong as a trainer with a strong base of lift knowledge


“And the bottom of the pyramid is where you always have to start after you’ve, like, if you’re having feelings of disconnection, anxiety, whatever these things are, and the first level is always a connection to physical.”

“The connection to our body is so important, and thyroid strong won’t only get you into training with weights. It’ll also probably inspire other movements in your life that will bring you joy, like power walking, like power walking, like hiking, like anything.”

“The gym can be very overwhelming. . And so that’s one thing I should have said earlier. To be able to walk in the gym with a plan and not have to pay attention to anybody else in that space but yourself is worth the price of admission to, to, there’s just so much pride in that feeling of going in and doing the work and leaving and feeling like you know what’s going on”

“If you can give somebody that throughway to that connection, it’s such a gift. It is such a gift. It’s such a gift.”

“One thing with thyroid strong is I don’t think there’s a safer way that somebody could teach people how to move kettlebells around than with your program.”

“Because of some of the resources in Thyroid Strong, I was able to go like, okay, let’s, let’s pay more attention to protein intake. I am somebody who eats a decent amount of protein anyway, but I was definitely like, I think I could bump it up a little bit more. So that’s definitely changed and become more consistent now with what I like to call a snapshot of the plate, right?”

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