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Joint Hyper-mobility, MCAS, dysautonomia & Hashimoto’s

by | Jan 30, 2023 | Podcast

If you have any signs of joint hyper-mobility, joint laxity, or lack of integrity in the joints, maybe your joints hyperextend, and it doesn’t have to be every joint in the body. It can move around and be transient, and you have an autoimmune condition, maybe you have Hashimotos. This episode is for you!

Today I have on Jessica Drummond. She is the founder and CEO of Integrative Women’s Health Institute and is passionate about caring for and empowering women who struggle with women’s health conditions, specifically endometriosis, but through her own journey. With long-haul covid, she has experienced joint issues and dysautonomia, which we will discuss in this episode.

I talk about joint laxity and how we must train resistance, especially with Hashimotos. I have clinically found joint hyper-mobility, tissue laxity, and autoimmune conditions to go hand in hand in my clinical practice. And I sit down with Jessica Drummond to talk about different strategies to reign in that hyper-mobility.

Jessica also comes at it from a functional medicine perspective by addressing root cause issues like leaky gut, mast cell activation syndrome, and other things that can relate to feeling lightheaded, especially related to POTS.


I think the best research we have is on the Levine Protocol or Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Similar protocol, which is essentially an exercise protocol for dysautonomia that’s very basic.”

“Joint stability and strength first in the lower quarter in the core. In collaboration with that, we can use nutritional strategies to lower inflammation, and build myofascial stability.”

“Even if you’re literally in bed almost all the time. If you’re still alive, you’re somewhere on the continuum of health. Even if you have a terminal illness, you can be living in a way that’s, I think, deeply beautiful and human right.”

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