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How to Treat Lyme’s Disease with Darin Ingels ND

by | Aug 22, 2022 | Podcast

Welcome to this week’s episode of Thyroid Strong where Darin Ingels, a licensed naturopathic physician, author, international speaker, and a leading authority on Lyme’s disease, gives a detailed description of what Lyme’s disease is, its origins and symptoms, and how it can lead to Hashimoto’s.

Key Takeaways

Lyme’s disease is a bacterial infection that can present itself with one hundred different symptoms making it difficult to diagnose. It is important to treat quickly if you find a tick on yourself. Darin Ingels ND shares where to send an engorged tick, where to get tested for Lyme’s disease, and his long-term integrative treatment plan.

About Darin Ingels ND

Dr. Darin Ingels ND is a licensed naturopathic physician, author, international speaker, and a leading authority on Lyme’s disease. He too was diagnosed with Lyme’s disease and suffered his own battle of debilitation until he found that proper diet, lifestyle management, and natural therapies worked with his body to heal instead of against it. He uses that same approach for his patients today. He has been featured in WebMD, Mind Body Green, Be Well Thrive Global, and also has a podcast, and is the author of the Lyme Solution, a five-year plan to fight the inflammatory autoimmune response and beat Lyme disease.

What Lyme’s Disease Is and What To Do First

Lyme’s disease is a slow-growing bacterial infection, often acquired from a deer tick. If bitten by a tick, gently lift it with a pair of tweezers and save the tick. Saving the tick allows the tick to be tested for various infections doctors can then look for in a blood test. Darin shares where to send a tick and where to get tested for Lyme’s disease. Know that only 30% of bites from a lyme infected tick result in the classic bullseye rash.

Lyme’s Disease That Can Lead To Hashimoto’s and How To Treat It

Of the one hundred different symptoms Lyme’s disease presents, an autoimmune response is likely. Darin Ingels’ hierarchy of treatment starts with a good diet and gut foundation, testing for food sensitivities, and then discovering other possible triggers, such as toxins, environment, etc. Darin Ingels looks to repair the terrain of the body first, enabling cells to heal faster and for the long term.

In This Episode

What Lyme’s disease is [2:15]

The most notable symptoms of Lyme’s disease [3:09]

How Lyme’s disease can lead to other issues, such as an autoimmune response like Hashimoto’s [ 7:08]

What to do first when bitten by a tick [9:28]

Treatment for Lyme’s disease [12:03]

Food sensitivities with the Lone Star Tick [17:34]

Most effective in treating Lyme’s disease long term [20:41]

Darin Ingels’ hierarchy of what to treat first with Lyme’s disease [26:11]

How to start treating a leaky gut [27:42]


“They call it the great imitator or the great mimic because it looks like a lot of different things. So unfortunately, it’s one of these infections that often people miss, just because they might mistake it for something else.”  [3:00]

“The big red flag is when we see a combination of arthritic symptoms with neurological symptoms. Again, there’s very few things that cause people complaining about neuropathy or balance problems, coordination issues, and they’ve got joint pain or muscle pain. That’s a big red flag for Lyme disease.” [4:30]

The CDC says that up to 80% of people who get bit by tick carry the rash, when you look at the research, the research suggest it’s probably less than 46%. And those of us in clinical practice will argue is probably less than 20%.” [4:57]

“Lyme is a major trigger for Hashimotos particular hypothyroidism. So you know, limes ability to disrupt your immune system is a major problem. And we see various autoimmune effects from Lyme disease, we think that a lot of chronic Lyme disease is actually not the infection, it’s per se that’s causing the problems, but it’s actually the autoimmune effect.” [7:00]

“It’s what’s unique to that person that gives us clues as to what those underlying triggers are.”[27:32]

“It’s about eating whole foods. The less hands that touch your food, probably the better. If you can’t read the ingredient on the label, don’t eat it.” [30:41]

“If the germ is the problem, why do we get such varying responses to that germ? And I think a lot of it is the terrain. So how do we fix the terrain in a way that these germs just don’t overrun our body?” [31:01]

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Topics Covered:

  • Where Lyme’s disease comes from and what to do first
  • Notable symptoms of Lyme’s disease
  • Lyme’s disease can cause an autoimmune response and lead to Hashimoto’s
  • Most effective treatment for Lyme’s disease
  • Alkalinity of the body and why everybody has a different immune response to a germ

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