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How to Lift Brain Fog with Hashimoto’s with Lori Kushner

by | Oct 31, 2022 | Podcast

Welcome to this week’s episode of Thyroid Strong where Lori Kushner is helping women with mind-body healing through a community of other Hashi women to help lift their brain fog through their diet, digestion, mindset, and exercise.

Key Takeaways

Many ladies with Hashimoto’s suffer from brain fog and even with a medical professional’s help, symptoms stay stagnant or even worsen. Lori is guiding us through why your brain fog is occurring, the map of how it takes place, and the treatment plan to stick to for the 180 spin you’re looking for.

Brain Fog and its Symptoms

Brain fog can be a big symptom for some Hashi ladies and Lori suffered from the same. She describes it as, “almost like sticky glue.” You are constantly fatigued when you need not be and in a conversation, you lose the words you were gearing up to say, “you can see it and feel the word, but you can’t get to it.” A large symptom of brain fog is in your diet or can be related to the kind of exercise or lack of exercise you’re doing. 

Stomach Acid’s Contribution to Brain Fog and How to Treat It

A lot of factors are at play in low stomach acid. The American diet and age are largely causing low stomach acid. Eating the wrong foods and gradually losing stomach acid as we get older, but also depending on our thyroid state–not enough thyroid hormones, too much inflammation, or a very low or very high adrenal state will cause low stomach acid. And when we are low on stomach acid, the body cannot properly defend against various pathogens and often gets confused about what looks like a pathogen and it ends up attacking itself and then the brain. After identifying the root causes of brain fog and low stomach acid, Lori Kushner can tailor a treatment plan to the individual. Some start slow in treating the diet, digestion, mindset, and exercise and others dive right into it all in seeking the relief Lori’s program gives them.

In This Episode

Lori Kushner’s Hashimoto’s journey [1:34]

Taking medication, whether to stay on it or get off of it [5:18]

Brain fog and insecurities [6:48]

What brain fog feels like [8:34]

Biggest cause of brain fog in relation to food [10:32]

Brain circulation in exercise [11:56]

Why you might have anemia if you are a Hashi lady [14:38]

Why women may struggle with stomach acid [17:51]

Are parasites actually good for us? [19:33]

Stomach acid and why it is so important [20:40]

Pathogens and how the body starts to attack itself, gluten as an example [22:07]

How to prioritize treatment for brain fog [24:03]

How to handle the overload of information when treating brain fog and Hashimoto’s [26:00]

Include antioxidants, fiber, diversity, and protein in your diet and why [31:43]


“If we do not have enough circulation getting to our brains, our brains are not going to work.” [11:56]

“If we can work on mindset, and not being like in a victim mindset and having an open mindset, then we can learn to deal with our brain fog.” [15:40]

“There’s a big difference between eating to balance hormones, and eating to get hormones into the cell.” [27:09]

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Topics Covered:

  • Hashimoto’s and the various symptoms associated
  • Brain fog and the inability to make decisions
  • Symptoms at a young age of Hashimoto’s
  • Diets and its correlation to brain fog
  • Whether or not to include supplements in your diet, and what kind
  • What the body does in an autoimmune response to gluten

Guest Info: Lori Kushner

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