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How to Get Your Mindset Right to Start Working Out

by | Apr 27, 2023 | Podcast

What if you had a phrase that you told yourself and when you told yourself this phrase, your body and your mind told itself, yes, I’m gonna go work out, and you actually executed on the thoughts, instead of ruminating on, oh, I should go work out all day. This is what we’re gonna talk about today, 8 mindset tools to help you take action to start making your workout a consistent habit, especially with Hashimotos.

I know everyone talks about “getting motivated” don’t believe in motivation. It feels like trying to get water from a dry well. Instead, keep the momentum by doing the little things every day. Just stepping up and taking action will help you stay more consistent, even when you’re fatigued, and I’ll give you a tip for that as well.

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