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How to address parasitic infection with Hashimoto’s w/ Melissa Ramos

by | Aug 29, 2022 | Podcast

Episode Summary

Welcome to this week’s episode of Thyroid Strong where Melissa Ramos, founder of Sexy Food Therapy and creator of the Sexy Lady Balls program and community, shares her approach and insight to parasitic infections, how we contract them, how to test for them, and ultimately how to treat them long-term.

Key Takeaways

Parasitic infections are difficult to detect, and the symptoms can overlap with many other conditions including autoimmune diseases. Many of us Hashimoto’s ladies have often been diagnosed with a parasitic infection as a root cause of our autoimmune condition. But if you haven’t been diagnosed, listen in on how to get diagnosed, because more conventional medicine doctors will not check for parasites. They directly correlate with our thyroid hormone levels and can cause a variety of digestional issues. Today, Melissa Ramos is giving us the rundown on why they are so under-diagnosed along with what to do first when treating them long-term. 

About Melissa Ramos

Melissa Ramos is the founder of Sexy Food Therapy and creator of the Sexy Lady Balls program and community. She is also a nutritionist with a background in Chinese medicine, a health expert on CTV’s The Social, an official health writer for the Huffington Post, and a TEDx Speaker. She is known as the hormone and poop whisperer to help women get their hormones and digestion in check.

Where Do Parasites Come From and Why Are They So Under-diagnosed

Parasitic infections are derived from a multitude of sources. Towels we share with our partner or roommate, swimming in the lake, drinking the same beverage, etc. Parasites do not discriminate between healthy and unhealthy people. To get tested for parasites can be difficult due to a lack of education around parasitic infections and what is considered a “normal range” in lab work.

Parasite Behaviors and How To Treat Them Long-Term

Parasites are stealthy creatures. They hide behind a mask (aka biofilm) to go undetectable, which is why there are several tests to undergo, some even out of the country. Parasites absorb all of the toxins in the body and burrow into your organs. To treat them, the body’s natural drainage pathways have to be open to flush them out. Flushing agents can include colonics or coffee enemas, as Melissa Ramos explains in great detail.

In This Episode

How people can contract a parasite and why it is so under-diagnosed [1:02]

Where parasites live in the body [4:48]

Parasite behavior and the body’s reaction to it [5:52]

How parasites are opportunistic with mold and heavy metals [8:18]

Lack of education for doctors running lab work to test for parasites [9:45]

How to treat a parasitic infection, what to do first [11:26]

Colonics and coffee enemas [12:41]

Stool testing to identify parasites [15:09]

Coffee enemas, what you can add to them, and how you can manipulate them [19:06]

Bile flow and its importance in eliminating toxins [22:59]

Treating your partner for parasites and why [26:12]

Where you can contract parasites [27:02]

Lymphatic system and drainage pathways [31:56]

Balancing your water intake with minerals for full hydration [33:06]


“I think that people just believe that you’re healthy, you don’t have them. That’s not the case, you can get parasites when you’re living with other people in your household.” [1:17]

“And I think that any good practitioner is going to play detective and try to understand all the clues that we can find out.” [4:05]

“There’s something to be said about living and enjoying your life and not being super regimented.”[27:19]

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Topics Covered:

  • How and where can you contract a parasitic infection
  • How parasites live in the body and the symptoms of having one
  • Treatments for a parasitic infection can include colonics and coffee enemas
  • Maintenance work in contracting parasites
  • Treating your partner for parasites due to a shared environment
  • How to stay fully hydrated in working with your lymphatic draining system

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