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How Thyroid Strong is Different from Peloton with Dr Emily Kiberd

by | Oct 27, 2022 | Podcast

I’m answering a question from a listener today from Danielle.  Danielle asked, “how is Thyroid Strong program different from Peloton?”  I just found you and I’m so intrigued. I was diagnosed officially with Hashimotos two years ago, but got hypothyroidism diagnosis 11 years ago and had a massive hyperthyroidism episode 17 years ago after my first.  I have pretty significant damage to my thyroid, according to ultrasounds. Longer, the short. I’m 43 and am now struggling with weight. I love weightlifting, which warms my heart, but end up massively exhausted. How is Thyroid Strong different than Peloton?”

Key Takeaways

2:30 Why use heavier weights than Peloton with Thyroid Strong
3:00 How to choose your weight to lift
3:30 How many reps should I do?
4:20 Cues for good form
4:50 What if I have a weak upper body?
5:30 Thyroid Strong programming
7:40 What if foot dialing?
9:00 Why kettlebells over hand weights and barbell?

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