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Thyroid Strong Holiday Express:

12 Workouts

Full body workouts for women with Hashimoto’s designed to beat the holiday weight gain with short, efficient and effective kettlebell workouts.

Build Muscle & Burn Fat
without the Burn Out or a Hashi flare up.

The average American gains 5-10 lbs. between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Then spends the rest 2024 trying to lose, lose, lose that stubborn weight!

Do it better this holiday season by staying consistent with your workouts and having a coach in your back pocket holding you accountable.

Need some perspective? There’s 44 days left in 2022, that’s 6 weeks to feel better in your body, more energy, & pants finally fitting.

Don’t wait until 2024 to try another “New Year’s Resolution.”

Do any of these Hashi Holiday struggles sound familiar?

Hashimoto's and inflammation Learn how Hashimoto’s and Inflammation go hand in hand in this article written to teach you all you need to know to start combating inflammation at its roots.

You over eat during the holidays and usually gain 5-10 lbs without even trying. Then you spend a large chunk of the new year working extra hard to lose that weight, but burn out in the process. You overdo it and end up with joint pain, crashing on the couch, and you’re actually gaining weight from your workouts.

Hashimoto's brain fog causes and cures

You put on an extra baggy sweater to cover up for the holdiay parties but know there’s a better way to feel good in your clohtes. If only you had a clear workout plan for your body with Hashimoto’s and an accountability buddy who gets you.

Hashimoto's workout

You know working out can help keep the weight off but you don’t know where to start. The holidays feel busy to the brim and overwhelming.

You wish you had a simple workout made for your body with Hashimoto’s that you could do in 20-30 minutes a couple days as week to stay ahead of the curve and keep the weight off.

Then check out Thyroid Strong 


You’ll get:

  • 3 live workouts a week for 4 weeks, & 1 pre-recorded rehab video
  • Simple but effective Full Body Strength workouts to build muscle, lose fat, and feel like yourself again
  • Workouts designed for home with kettlebells or dumbbells
  • Modifications for all levels from beginner to intermediate
  • Weekly motivational emails to help you stay on track
  • 3 videos per week x 4 weeks = 12 TOTAL workouts made just for us Hashi ladies

As a bonus, you’ll get access to my most popular 2-Part Masterclass Series where I share:

  • Fatigue & Hashimoto’s: 5 ways to boost your energy naturally & Weight Loss & Hashimoto’s: 5 Strategies to jump start the weight loss with Hashimoto’s
  • Lifting weights CONSISTENTLY is one piece of the weight loss puzzle, but so is what you eat,  when you eat, & optimizing your sleep
  • Environmental factors that can add inflammatory load and trigger Hashimoto’s, including how to test for parasites, mold, mycotoxins, heavy metals, pesticides, and obesogens

You’ll also get the Pain-Free Starter Kit:

  • 4 movement flows with a rehabilitation focus to help you move out of pain
  • Simple rehab moves taken from my 14 years in chiropractic practice distilled down into 15 minute videos
  • Exactly what to do to get yourself out of neck, back, shoulder and hip pain
  • How to relieve carpel tunnel, frozen shoulder, or knee pain on your own

Let’s get real for a second….Getting and staying in shape during the holidays takes real effort.  We’re busy, prioritize everyone else and our workout gets put on the back burner.

But you know deep down that when you put yourself first and get your workout in, you feel 100x better.

Here’s good news: you don’t need to spend hours every week working out to feel good in your body. During this busy time of year, we just don’t have the luxury of time. I believe you can get amazing results in less time…as long as you show up and stay consistent.

To stay on track during the holiday season, you need a smart workout plan that prioritizes muscle, burns fat, and does so without burning you out!

Thyroid Strong Holiday Express is a full body strength workout where you can get in, get out, and move on with your busy day. The workouts are customizable to you with plenty of modifications for those achy Hashi knees and joints.

These workouts will help you stay consistent this holiday season so you can avoid the holiday weight gain.

12 LIVE Strength Workouts

Hip Pain

12 strength workouts programmed to break a sweat, build muscle, but without a Hashi flare up or crash on the couch.

All workouts average 20-30 minutes.

Easy to follow workouts

Hip Pain

I give lots of modifications so you can make any workout easier or harder depending on how much you’ve worked out in the past.

Modifications for all levels

Hip Pain

You’ll get clear concise cues to help with any knee pain, back discomfort, or cranky wrists.

Everything from how to step your feet to successfully get into a squat or squat to a chair if its just not happening yet.

Group Coaching ONLINE

Hip Pain

Once you register, you’ll be invited to join a private Facebook group where you can connect directly with me as well as other program participants in the Thyroid Strong Holiday Express program.

Dr. Emily Kiberd

Hi, I’m Dr. Emily. And I know exactly how you feel.

I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s in 2016 after the birth of my first kiddo.

My joints ached, I couldn’t lose the last 25 lbs., my brain fog was unreal and I crashed every day at 2pm. 

I made some crucial lifestyle changes including how I was eating- bye bye gluten and hello protein every meal.

I treated 3 parasites, moved out of a moldy apartment, and detoxed some heavy metals.

One of the biggest changes was how I worked out. No longer doing double back to back spin classes for 90 minutes straight and instead focused on resistance training 3x a week for 20-30 minutes.

I went into remission and have stayed in remission ever since. Now I help patients in my clinic and women around the world do the same.

I know the holidays can be challenging, so why go it alone. I’m here to be your guide, and a coach in your back pocket cheering your on and holding you accountable so you can stay consistent.

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Holiday Express: 12 Workouts


For Only


These workouts will help you stay consistent this holiday season but also move out of…


Hip Pain

Tight hips can compensate for weak abs. Find the strength in your core and the “death grip” in your hips will let go. The Move Out of Hip Pain video will show you step-by-step exactly how to finally get relief.


Neck Pain

Hours of sitting leads to a tight, achy neck, upper back, and debilitating headaches. No amount of stretching gives relief for more than an hour. I’ll show you how to strengthen your shoulder muscles along with your core so you never feel the need to stretch your neck again.


Back Pain

What if you never had to worry about “moving wrong” again? No more yoga classes or child poses to try to relieve your low back pain. Learn how to strengthen your back and your core just like how we learned our movement patterns as babies. No crunches here, just simple effective doctor approved functional  movements.


Shoulder Pain

Shoulders can lock down and you can suffer from frozen shoulder syndrome with Hashimoto’s. This is a long road in rehab that you never want to be on. The best way to avoid this is prevention and strength. No bicep curls or tricep dips here, only functional movements. This video will help you improve your posture, core strength and shoulder stability for a strong pain free upper body.

Who is this for?

  • Women who want a program that gives them results in less time
  • Women looking for a sustainable workout routine through the holiday season…without having to spend a ton of time
  • Women who want this holiday season to be different. This is the the year you actually stay on track through the holidays!
  • Women who’ve been injured in the past and fear feeling pain while they exercise
  • Women looking for a  simple but effective workout plan to build muscle and burn fat so their clothes fit even better through the holiday season
  • Women who enjoy workouts that are challenging, fun and never burns them out!


I have limited time, how much time do I need to invest in this?

20-30 minutes 3 times a week and. a single 15 minute rehab video each week for a total of 1 hour and 15 minutes of moving your body each week.

How difficult are these workouts? Are they good for beginners?

Each workout build skills and resilience for the next workout. These workouts are for all levels from beginners to intermediate level. The workouts are challenging but can be modified based on your energy level and starting point of strength. I’ll focus on functional compound movements from the beginning so you are successful on excuting your workout.

What if I am not able to do all 4 weeks?

Consistency is the name of the game in this program.

The key to seeing and even maintaining results  is to do it regularly enough, ideally a few times per week.

I know this is a very busy time of year, so with that in mind I created a program that you can join live or do in your own time with the recording.

Workouts are 20-30 minutes so you can get in, get out and get on with your holiday shopping, prepping, and spending time with your family.

What kind of equipment do I need?

No fancy gym membership or a ton of space required!

Ideally, you’ll have:

  • Your own body weight
  • One 8 kilo or 10 kilo kettlebell (17 pounds or 22 pounds for pressing so choose according to your ability)
  • You can always use a dumbbell for all of these workouts

And that’s it!

What if I don’t know the moves or the right form?

Every single video walks you through the proper queuing, breathing, and mechanics to ensure you’ve got the right form.

I've had some injuries and will need modifications. Can I still do this program?

Yes, giving modifications so you are successful in your workout in my specialty. Being a chiropractor and movement specialist the last 14 years has given me the experience to tailor the appropriate cues and form modifications for the each individual person.

Will this program help me lose weight?

Yes! A well programmed training plan is essential if you have a weight loss goal. This program focuses on the 3 main things that you need for sustainable weight loss.

1. Strength Training->the more muscle you have the more calories you burn at rest.

2. Consistency-> to really see results you need to be lifting consistently on a weekly basis.

3. Accountability -> Nothing like having a coach in your back pocket cheering you on and checking in with you the whole way along this 4week journey.

OK, what happens after I sign up?

You’ll get an email from me with instructions for instant access to all of the videos!

How is this different than just doing a strength video on Youtube or the Peloton App?

Workk out apps can be convenient and cost effective, they aren’t delivering workouts, cueing, or form modifications made for your body living with Hashimoto’s. 

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