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Heal Your Gut to Lose Weight with Hashimoto’s with Dr Vincent Pedre

by | Feb 26, 2023 | Podcast

Dr Vincent Pedre shares his second book The GutSmart Protocol, how to Revitalize Your Health, Boost Your Energy, and Lose Weight in Just 14 Days with Your Personalized Gut-Healing Plan. He dives deep into how the gut can play a major role in autoimmune disease and how healing the gut to drastically minimize or elimination your Hashimoto’s symptoms.

In this Episode We Cover:

In this Episode We Cover:

  1. The focus is on the small and large intestine and the microbiome living there, which is essential for the processes that run the human body.
  2. The large intestine has an estimated 100 trillion bacteria, making it like carrying your own personal galaxy.
  3. Autoimmune disease may begin in the gut with a process involving genetic preposition, leaky gut, and environmental triggers.
  4. Gluten is one potential environmental trigger due to its characteristics that can trigger the immune response.
  5. Imbalance in the gut microbiome due to antibiotics, processed foods, and alcohol consumption can cause dysbiosis, leading to a dysregulation of the immune system that eventually can lead to autoimmune disease.
  6. Leaky gut allows inflammatory substances like endotoxin to pass through the gut border, leading to immune system activation and inflammation.
  7. Over-activation of the immune system can cause it to fail to recognize what is self and what is non-self, potentially leading to autoimmune disease.
  8. Many women are given medication and told to eat less and exercise more, rather than addressing the connection between gut health and metabolism/weight gain.
  9. Stress can lead to gut permeability and affect the gut microbiome, which can contribute to weight gain and difficulty losing weight.
  10. Gut healing and detoxification can help with weight loss and metabolic issues.
  11. Environmental triggers like mold or mycotoxins can contribute to gut permeability and inflammation, even in the absence of traditional gut symptoms.

About Dr Vincent Pedre:

Dr. Vincent Pedre is the Medical Director of Pedre Integrative Health and Founder of Dr. Pedre Wellness, CEO/Founder of Happy Gut Life LLC, has worked as a nutraceutical consultant and spokesperson for NatureMD, and is a Functional Medicine-Certified Practitioner with a concierge practice in New York City since 2004.

He believes the gut is the gateway to excellent wellness. His newest book, The GutSMART Protocol — featuring a 14-day personalized gut-healing plan based on the GutSMART Quiz — is the culmination of years of research and clinical experience as a functional gut health expert.

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