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Hashimoto’s and Sarcopenia

Hashimoto’s and Sarcopenia

Sarcopenia or age-related muscle loss can affect your quality of life, especially with Hashimoto’s. Learn what Sarcopenia is and evidence-based ways to combat it.

How to Live with Hashimoto’s and Joint Pain

How to Live with Hashimoto’s and Joint Pain, a guide by Dr Emily Kiberd

Table of Contents Who Does Hashimoto's Cause Joint Pain? How Hypermobility Can Cause Joint Pain with Hashimoto’s How to Heal Joint Pain from Hashimoto's Conclusion: Managing and healing Hashimoto’s joint pain Have you ever had joint pain, especially knee pain, which comes and goes without any rhyme or reason? You’ve noticed there may have been no official injurious event, such as stepping off...

5 Ways To Overcome Hashimoto’s Fatigue

Table of Contents What Hashimoto's Fatigue Looks Like Why Hashimoto's Causes Fatigue How a Functional Medicine Doctor Treats Hashimoto's What No One is Talking About with Hashimoto's Should I Do Cardio If I Have Hashimoto's The Top 5 Ways to Overcome Hashimoto's Fatigue Through Exercise The fatigue with Hashimoto’s can feel crippling, debilitating, and life-altering. Trust me, I know. I’ve...

What Your Doctor Isn’t Telling You About Hashimoto’s

What Your Doctor Didn't Tell You About Hashimotos

Table of Contents What if I’m in a Hashimoto flare-up? Why physical therapy doesn’t work for Hashimoto’s (most the time) What should I do if my muscles are tight? Here’s what we know about Hashimoto’s from the research: My experience with Hashimoto’s Where do I start to exercise despite having Hashimoto’s The fatigue with Hashimoto’s can feel crippling, debilitating, and life-altering. Trust...

About Dr. Emily

I’m Emily Kiberd DC. I’m a chiropractor, movement specialist, strength enthusiast, and Mama to Elvis and Baby Brooklyn.

And I put my Hashimoto’s into remission.

I help women struggling with Hashimoto’s learn how to workout without burning out to lose weight and beat fatigue so they can feel their best.

I created Thyroid Strong to help women across the country feel strong and confident in their body.

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