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Hashimoto’s in men, mitochondrial & muscle tissue health with Dr Jade Teta

by | May 22, 2023 | Podcast

The majority of women are those who suffer from Hashimoto’s, but some men can be diagnosed with Hashimoto’s. Dr. Jade Teta is one of these men. He shares how to eat, train, and regulate our nervous system to manage the symptoms of Hashimoto’s. He shares insight and the understanding of specific proteins secreted from the muscle tissue while training called myokines that help regulate our hormones and immune system. He also shares how to support our mitochondria if we feel fatigued with Hashimoto’s with Urolithin A and moving our body. He shares the pathway of how exercise can be inflammatory and anti-inflammatory. A great podcast episode which an extraordinary human being.

00:00 Introduction of Dr Jade Teta

03:09 Men with Hashimoto’s

03:45 How estrogen plays a role in Hashimoto’s

4:25 Hashimoto’s is more stable in men than women

5:42 How an increase in thyroid antibodies doesn’t mean worse Hashimoto’s symptoms

9:27 How to Diagnose Hashimoto’s in Men

15:22 Why a Vegetarian diet is not good for Hashimoto’s

15:47 How to change your training after getting diagnosed with Hashimoto’s

17:01 Why not overtrain with Hashimoto’s

18:01 Stress and Hashimoto’s

20:01 New mom stress and Hashimoto’s

21:07 Stress: The starvation Response

26:48 HRV and HRR

30:41 What are myokines, and why are they important for Hashimoto’s?

35:16 How is working out inflammatory and anti-inflammatory at the same time?

36:59 How is muscle a glucose sink?

37:45 Why is insulin important for muscle health?

38:51 How to resistance training change genes in the liver?

44:41 Hashimoto’s fatigue, mitochondria, and Urolithin A

50:52 Test for Mitochondrial function

52:24 Reverse T3/ Free T3 ratio to assess mitochondrial health

52:22 Cellular hypothyroidism

Dr. Jade Teta holds a doctorate degree in naturopathic medicine from Bastyr University, an undergraduate degree in biochemistry, and many life-coaching certifications. He has spent 20 years in the natural health, fitness, and fat loss industry having worked as a physician, personal trainer, wellness consultant, and nutrition coach. He’s is a best-selling author of numerous books including Next Level Metabolism, Human 365, and the Metabolic Effect Diet- which was ranked by Time Magazine as one of the top diet books of 2010. He has also contributed to the Textbook of Natural Medicine.

Currently, he is the Chief Metabolic Architect at Metabolic Living and Founder of Next Level Human. His website offers educational courses in metabolism, hormonal imbalances, mindfulness and relationships, as well as various health blogs and videos. Dr. Teta also hosts a podcast called The Next Level Human, available anywhere podcasts can be found.

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