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How to boost your metabolism and get your energy back with Hashimoto’s

Simply eating less and working out more will send you down the wrong path.

Learn the 3 things NOT TO DO in your workout if you have Hashimoto’s and WHAT TO DO instead!

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In This Free Guide, I’ll Show You…

  • The 3 essential elements to avoid extreme fatigue.
  • How to workout without burning out as a woman living with Hashimoto’s.
  • The best way to exercise to avoid days of sore muscles and achy joints.
  • Why too much cardio will lead to plateaus and what to do instead.

Hi! I’m Dr. Emily Kiberd…

the Founder of Thyroid Strong and I have seen thousands of women over the last 11 years in practice. I help women with Hashimoto’s beat fatigue with simple sustainable exercises to help heal their joints and thyroid. With my program, women get back to what they love, FASTER.


I feel so much stronger in my body after 4 weeks of Thyroid Strong. My knee was hurting every time I walked up stairs and now that pain is all gone.

- Sarah M

I finally feel like I got my core back and can pick up my baby without back pain.

- Heather F

My energy has spiked! I no longer feel exhausted when I get home and just want to plop on the couch. I feel more grounded and less up and downs in my energy through the day.

- Alison B

Thyroid Strong has helped thousands of women live lighter and get their energy back.

With this free guide, you’ll learn the 3 things NOT TO DO in your workout if you have Hashimoto’s and WHAT TO DO instead. You eliminate all the guesswork of how to workout to get in shape and get your energy back in no time. Never waste time or money on ineffective exercise programs again. Use and enjoy!

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