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The essential workout for ladies with Hashimoto’s with Angela Brown

by | Oct 22, 2022 | Podcast

Welcome to this week’s episode of Thyroid Strong Podcast  where I sit down with Angela Brown, a fellow movement specialist and personal trainer, as we debunks what we’ve been taught since our first diagnosis of Hashimoto’s and dive deep into what is the essential workout the ladies living with Hashimoto’s need to be doing. Instead of living with a lack of education provided by your doctor, take this episode and start changing your life and body. 

Key Takeaways

The top two struggles I hear from the Hashi women share are difficulty losing weight and needing a boost our energy levels, but most likely we aren’t doing the right workout routines to fit our bodies. Angela Brown is nailing down all the possibilities of what we’ve been told by our doctors and what we should be doing to get our bodies back!

About Angela Brown

Angela Brown is a fellow movement specialist, a licensed physical therapist as well as a personal trainer. She’s also a certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition practitioner. Her skills are showcased in helping women with thyroid issues recover from their hyperthyroidism with advanced testing and their workout routines. In her program, Sexy Thyroid Solution, she helps women to no longer suffer and to find the root cause of their health issues. Like me, she looks at the Hashi population through a movement tissue quality lens.

What They Tell You Versus What You Should Do

Medical professionals will tell you to start losing weight with cardio aka move your body more and eat less, so most Hashi ladies are running or cycling for hours 4-6 days a week. Instead, Angela Brown is adamant to rip cardio out of your life and switch your focus to resistance training. Your goals to lose weight and get your energy back are achievable with heavy weight, smaller reps, and longer rest periods coinciding with appropriate protein intake.

Designing your Workout Routine with Angela Brown

Angela Brown walks us through what our Hashi workout should look like before, during, and after, depending on our individual needs. If you are looking to boost your energy levels, what time of day are you working out? Are you doing any cardio? How heavy are you lifting and how much are you lifting it? If you are experiencing aches and pains, what does your form look like? If you are afraid of the bulk, how much protein are you consuming? Angela Brown has all of the answers in this comprehensive episode.

In This Episode 

The norm of what doctors tell you when not properly diagnosed with Hashimoto’s [5:56]

The right exercises for people with Hashimoto’s [8:11]

Weight training versus cardio with Hashimoto’s [10:08]

The ideal weight training program [11:03]

Where to start with weight training, form and weight [13:54]

Some mistakes seen in resistance training with Hashimoto’s [16:09]

Adjusting workout program to your individual energy levels [19:26]

Workout recovery with people with Hashimoto’s [22:04]

Proper protein recommendation for Hashi women [25:24]

Ligament laxity with Hashimoto’s and genetics [30:07]

Fear of the bulk with weight training [36:37]

Hypertrophy and rep scheme [42:09]

Specific cues to be aware of for proper form and time management in your workout [45:47]

The physical sensation you should be feeling through your reps [49:35]


“I started realizing my thyroid and my body is so much happier with resistance training.” [9:42]

“It’s almost a mindset thing to get them to feel like they’re doing something every day if we split up working different body parts.” [20:12]

“The majority of the women that came to me had symptoms of ligament laxity, and that’s why a lot of them had injuries.” [30:37]

“Do three to five different moves; three to five reps, three to five sets, three to five days a week.”[40:10]

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Topics Covered:

  • Cardio and why it doesn’t work with people who have Hashimoto’s
  • What weight training can do with people for Hashimoto’s
  • Incorporating functional movement patterns into your workouts
  • Go heavy with longer rest periods during your workout
  • What muscle engagement means to the body
  • Listening to your body post workout and tactics to settle the stress response
  • The importance of form during your workout

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