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Cold Immersion & Putting Her Hashimoto’s into Remission

by | Mar 20, 2023 | Podcast

What if there was one tool out there that you haven’t tried yet to help your Hashimoto’s symptoms? We are talking all about cold exposure or ice baths with co-founder of Morozko Forge Adriene Jezick. She shares how she used cold immersion to help put her 3 autoimmune conditions into remission.

Adrienne Jezick began her practice with Deliberate Cold Exposure for healing in October 2017. In 2013 she was diagnosed with three Autoimmune diseases; Hashimoto’s, Urticaria, and Eosinophilic Esophagitis. That is when she began her quest for greater health. Since developing a regular DCE regimen, she has reversed all traces of Autoimmune and is now guiding others to do the same. She created The Morozko Method, a sensory immersion meditation technique for Deliberate Cold Exposure, and hosts workshops to certify other guides. She is Co-Owner and Co-Founder of Morozko Forge, the world’s first ice bath. She is also the creator of The Morozko Method Podcast, sharing the healing journey of the people she meets.


In This Episode:

00:00 Intro

01:50 Adrienne Jezick’s story of living with 3 autoimmune conditions

04:50 Adopting a Growth mindset

06:45 Books on Cold Exposure

09:09 Cold Exposure with cold intolerance with Hashimoto’s

11:48 Adrienne’s first ice bath

13:53 A change in labs

19:57 What does an ice bath feel like and look like

24:34 Ideal timing and dose for ice plunging

28:25 Is more better with cold immersion

32:29 What’s the minimum effective dose

34:44 The breath work that happens before the cold plunge

40:18 Morozko Method

45:51 I need a nap after cold plunging, why?

48:29 What do you do after ice plunge

50:41 Resilience with cold immersion

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