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Cold Immersion & Breath Work for Hashimoto’s w/ Kristin Weitzel

by | Nov 7, 2022 | Podcast

Welcome to this week’s episode of Thyroid Strong where Kristin Weitzel is having us sit in ice baths for our minimum effective dose of cold. That could be 30 seconds, a minute, or even longer. With each ice bath we take, the list of health benefits gets longer. We touch upon cases where cold immersion has helped put Hashimoto’s symptoms into remission.

Key Takeaways

Cold immersion has huge benefits for our physical health but also for our emotional health. It will help us boost energy, lose weight, and reduce inflammation. It will also help us sleep better and manage stressful situations easier. Kristin Weitzel is giving us a lesson we all need to listen to and how to start that lesson today with a few DIY tips for making your own ice bath at home.

The Experience of a Cold Immersion and its Benefits

The most painful moment of the cold immersion is the expectation it is going to be cold before you immerse. Choose your coverage of clothing and begin your breath work. Start small and over time increase the length of exposure. The goal when you get out of the ice bath or cold body of water is to have a shiver response. This experience is designed for your body to learn to manage high stress and to quickly adapt to its environment. 

Using Cold Immersion in your Daily Routine to Help with Hashimoto’s

Cold immersion can help with Hashimoto’s two biggest struggles, fatigue and losing weight. In solving fatigue, plan your cold immersion around getting rest. The ice bath will down-regulate your system and allow it the opportunity to rest, so partake in an afternoon nap or do it right before dinner to go to sleep shortly after. Hashimoto’s other biggest struggle of losing weight is also remedied with every cold exposure. The ice bath boosts the production of our brown adipose tissue which then eats our white fat tissue, resulting in weight loss.

In This Episode

Experience of a cold immersion [1:49]

Reverse engineer the nervous system using your breath [4:24]

Mammalian dive response [5:00]

What happens when you get out of a cold immersion [7:25]

Minimum effective dose, what is yours? [8:30]

Cold immersion and Hashimoto’s [10:33]

Benefits of cold immersion [13:59]

Cold immersion and solving fatigue, when to do cold exposure [15:43]

Boosting brown adipose tissue to reduce weight [18:06]

Cold immersion versus cryotherapy and other options [21:12]

Breath work in getting into an ice bath [22:48]

How an ice bath teaches you to manage stress [25:00]

Joints and inflammation and cold immersion [30:46]

Ways you can DIY your ice bath [33:19]

Converting a chest freezer for an ice bath [35:25]

Trainings for cold immersion [42:25]


“This mental component coupled with dopamine and adrenaline that’s hitting your body and it is having you understand from a brain chemistry and a physical capacity that you are, okay, you’re in control.” [5:59]

“The goal is to get out and have somewhat of a shiver response.”[9:45]

“Sleep is one of the biggest wins of cold exposure.” 12:58]

“The biggest health boosts that we can receive for our bodies when it comes to mitigating disease, come in immersion.” [21:12]

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Topics Covered:

  • Health benefits of cold exposure
  • Breathwork and cold immersion can lead to managing stress in other difficult situations
  • The optimal time in planning when to do cold immersion in your day
  • How to figure out your minimum effective dose of time in the cold immersion
  • How to create our own ice bath at home

Guest Info: Kristin Weitzel

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