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Best Air Filter for Mold Exposure and Allergies with Ryan Richie of Intellipure

by | May 29, 2023 | Podcast

The air we breathe and the particulate matter in the air including mold, mycotoxins, dust, dust mites, and VOC’s can contribute to the inflammatory load in the body. We can change our exposure to these compounds by filtering our indoor air and improving our indoor air quality. Today I have on Thyroid Strong Podcast Ryan Richie, VP of Business Development of my favorite air purifier, Intellipure, to share how Intellipure is different from the competitors and why it’s so important to filter our air, especially living with an autoimmune condition.

Intellipure is offering a special 25% off their Ultrafine Unit just for the Thyroid Strong Listeners for this week only. Use the code “Dremily” at check out to get this fabulous discount.

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