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How to get rid of the belly bloat with Hashimoto’s with Christa Biegler

by | Oct 17, 2022 | Podcast

Today, I am joined by Christa Biegler, functional medicine nutritionist and podcast host of The Less Stressed Life, to talk about how to get rid of the belly bloat! As you know, bloating can be very frustrating for Hashi ladies because we think it starts with eating habits when it actually starts in the brain. Tune in to hear all the factors involved in what could be your belly bloat.

Key Takeaways of How to Get Rid of the Belly Bloat

Bloating is different for everyone. For some, it can take place within the two hours after eating, for others it may feel like a rock in the gut. Depending on the symptoms of the bloating, practitioners can narrow down where the problem sits in the gut, whether in the small intestine or the large intestine. The answer isn’t always a food sensitivity but rather a bacterial infection, stress levels, or parasitic infection.

About Christa Biegler 

Christa Biegler is an award-winning dietitian nutritionist, host of the Less Stressed Life podcast, and author of The Eczema Relief Diet & Cookbook. She helps health-savvy women overcome food sensitivities and fatigue without restrictive dieting to beat bloat, burnout & eczema breakouts. She lives with her unicycling husband & kids in the Midwest. The Less Stressed Life Podcast & Nutrition mission is that everyone deserves a less stressed life without inflammation, food sensitivities and fatigue. 

H. Pylori and its connection to getting rid of the belly bloat

A common Hashimoto’s infection is called H. Pylori, found as a bacterial growth in the small intestine. It is very prevalent as it is easily exchanged in saliva, sharing cups and spoons, etc. With the bacterial infection, the digestive system is unable to properly digest proteins leading to other deficiencies in the gut needing to function as normal. Christa discusses how to treat H. Pylori during infection and after a relapse.

Bloating and its Root Causes

Bloating can look different for everyone, and your symptoms can tell practitioners more about the potential root causes of the bloating. Usually, our first plan of attack is to start on a restrictive diet, but Christa recommends treating the adrenal glands first. Targeting stress and becoming aware of unrealized stress, then go to the gut to discover where in the gut to target next.

In This Episode on how to get rid of the belly bloat

What does bloating look like? [2:03]

H. Pylori in relation to Hashimoto’s thyroiditis [6:39]

The prevalence of H. Pylori [9:07]

The connection between H. Pylori and protein [9:57]

What to do after you relapse with H. Pylori [12:17]

Unrealized stress and what to do about it [14:13]

Low stomach acid and unrealized stress [15:57]

Reactionary versus proactive when it comes to stress [19:02]

Hierarchy of treatment for bloating [23:54]

Food sensitivity and bloating [30:22]

Bloating 0-2 hours after eating [34:53]

Bloating and digestion [37:39]

Quotes from Thyroid Strong Podcast with Christa Biegler on how to get rid of the belly bloat

“So bloating in different parts of the abdomen can direct a practitioner to different possible root causes of the bloating.” [5:04]

“If you’re not digesting food, regardless of what you see coming out the other end, it will ferment and cause gas and bloating overall.” [6:11]

“Sometimes we have to get real, raw, and honest.” [17:03]

“Be more supportive than aggravating.” [34:14]

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Topics Covered on how to get rid of the belly bloat with Christa Biegler:

  • Practical approaches to solve the belly bloat
  • What different types of bloating mean
  • The reasons why you could be bloated
  • H. Pylori and digesting protein
  • Four things to treat in bloating

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