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Lose weight, boost your energy, feel good about yourself, and finally take your life back from the Hashimoto’s grip

Are you ready to finally get off the sofa with the only workout program for women with Hashimoto’s?

Why You May Be Risking Your Health
Without You Even Realizing It

If you’re a woman with Hashimoto’s who dreams of feeling energized and like you’re in your 20s again. Then you face one major obstacle that keeps that dream out of your reach. 

But before I reveal all, let me ask you a question…

If you’re struggling to feel energized with Hashimoto’s and have no idea where to turn to next, which of these apply to you?

“I don’t have time”

It feels like you’re trudging through mud. Everything takes 10x longer than it should. And your patience is wearing thin. With your family, job, and a social life…how can you fit anything else in?

“I’m too tired to exercise”

No matter how much coffee you chug, you’re desperate for a nap by 2 pm. And no amount of “win the morning, win the day” mantras will snap you out of your crushing fatigue. 

“I’ve tried everything, it doesn’t work for me”

No matter what workout you try, everything leaves you feeling burnt out, bed bound for days or injured. And honestly, you feel like you’ll never lose the weight you’ve gained. 

“I can’t exercise with Hashimoto’s”

Your exercise routine is nothing more than walking, chasing the kids, or doing nothing… because exerting more energy leaves you in pain, injured or burnt out. And if you hear “just put on your running shoes and do some cardio” one more time… you might just snap.

“I don’t have motivation to do anything”

You’ve tried everything and nothing works for you. It feels like there’s no point even trying. 

If any of these statements sound familiar,
that’s because you’ve been fed BS about your Hashimoto’s for
years. Things like…

You’ll never lose weight with Hashimoto’s

You should accept that you’ll always struggle with this disease

You have to obsessively do cardio to ditch the pounds

You will never be strong and healthy

It’s easy to accept what they’re saying…
because you’ve tried everything and nothing has worked

You have a lot of people in your life who don’t understand your struggles.

You feel like you’ve lost control of your life, health, and body.

Your weight refuses to budge, even if you stick to a regimented diet program which leaves you feeling like a failure. 

And your joint pain? Heck, you feel like you’re in your 80s. 

It feels like you have zero control because you can’t find the right information and support.

And while I know it’s felt that way for many years…

It doesn’t have to be this way.

You feel totally defeated by Hashimoto’s. You don’t even know where to start to get your life back. And your mind spirals into “What the F is wrong with me?”.

Is this really how you want to be living?
The truth is…
you need a workout that’s specifically designed for your symptomsone that can make you feel stronger, crush fatigue and take back control of your life.
Even though you’ve dialed in your diet, your meds are on track, and your supplement cabinet needs its own zip code at this point… there’s one thing you haven’t optimized. 

You’re doing everything except working out in the right way for a Hashimoto’s diagnosis.

Every day, I see unhelpful advice flung all over the internet and hear from students who aren’t getting the right advice from their doctors.

I’m tired of seeing strong and capable women
being trapped by their symptoms and excuses 

Because while you’re doing #allthethings for your diet, your meds are dialed in, and your supplement cabinet needs its own zip code at this point… 

Your current exercise regime is working against your body – and your Hashimoto’s diagnosis. 

In fact, I see unhelpful advice being flung around the Internet for women with Hashimoto’s who want to work out.

Here are 3 workout myths I’m calling BS on…

Hours of cardio is best for weight loss

With Hashimoto’s, your body works less efficiently and your muscle utilizes fuel differently. 

So cardio is NOT the most effective strategy for changing the way your body looks and is a losing strategy for fat loss. Instead you’ll feel destroyed and sore for hours or even days after – which leads to demotivation because you don’t think it’s working out for you.

Truth Bomb

Strength training will give you back control of your body AND the strength you need to support your thyroid and shed the extra pounds.

I should only do low impact exercise with Hashimoto’s

Yes, the days of leg warmers and leotards a la Jane Fonda are over. Weight lifting stimulates your muscle tissue. Healthy muscles boost your metabolism which burns more fat (so you’ll be leaner and more toned).

The Real Deal

When done properly, strength training helps lower inflammation in the body, improves the immune system and lowers your cortisol (stress hormone) afterwards. 

Pilates, yoga, stretching and just walking alone will not stimulate your muscles enough to make a visible difference to your body. And this is direct advice coming from an actual yoga instructor… 

Pain during or soreness after a workout means I need to stretch more

Most of the time pain is caused by certain areas overcompensating because they’re not strong enough. Pain actually means you need to strengthen, not stretch.

Hanging out in downward dog on your yoga mat leads to lengthened muscles, instead of the joint support and stability from strong muscles that you need.

Fact, Not Fiction

Instead you need an active cool-down which will speed up your recovery time, support your immune system, and settle your heart rate.
If you’re a woman with Hashimoto’s ready to beat the fatigue, lose the weight, and start a workout routine that leaves you saying “Finally I feel good!“…

Then you’re in the right place!

If you’re dealing with this ‘poor me’ mentality, that’s OK. I dealt with it too. 

There’s no judgement here. 

I believe in doing the hard things and breaking the pattern.

It’s the heavy dose of tough love you need to help you change your future and take back control of your life. 

You’re about to be a Hashi rebel because we’re gonna bust down the walls keeping you trapped. 

Because Hashimoto’s does not define you.

You can feel energized, lose weight, feel great about yourself, and get your life back

Because you are not your Hashimoto’s diagnosis

You want to…

Lose the extra pounds and actually tone up

Take control of your body and health

Feel energized and actually keep up with your family

Make progress with your fitness, without burning yourself out, getting injured or suffering a flare-up

Feel strong and gain muscle

Live a healthier lifestyle (and feel like you did in your 20's)


The only Hashimoto’s workout program designed to help you come back to life, beat fatigue, build muscle, and melt away extra pounds

Hi, I’m Dr. Emily. And I know exactly how you feel.
In this photo of me with my son Elvis, I’m smiling.

But I couldn’t have been in more pain.

I was at the darkest depths of Hashimoto’s — having constant flare-ups and totally exhausted.

The couch was my best friend. I was working out, but the weight just wouldn’t come off. Then I started gaining more weight. I felt like I was barely holding it together.

But doctors claimed my symptoms were the result of being a first-time mom. 

I suffered for 18 months, and it was too long.
But you don’t have to.

Eventually I discovered I had Hashimoto’s.

Instead of letting my diagnosis define me (and give me the excuses I wanted), I was determined to ditch the ‘poor me’ mentality, find a solution, feel healthy and get strong AF. 

Today, my Hashimoto’s is in remission.

My TSH is within an optimal range. My blood tests have not shown thyroid antibodies. And, for years, my lab work has shown a clean bill of health.

Now let’s get one thing clear: I am not special.

I didn’t pay for expensive specialists or high-end technology resources.

Dr. Emily Kiberd

I followed a simple roadmap to guide my workouts.
I lifted weights. And I did the work.

Over 14 years as a Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine, I’ve used this same approach to help 1000s of women thrive with Hashimoto’s. Overcome crippling fatigue, pain, and injury. And get back to feeling like themselves again.

And I know if we can do it, you can do it.

I want you to know that you are seen. You are heard. And there is hope. And most importantly, you can get strong AF without injuring yourself. 

I’m sharing the exact methods I used to feel strong and confident without the fear of set-backs, injury or feeling reduced to my diagnosis…

You’ll get them all in my 6-week course Thyroid Strong, created specifically for women with Hashimoto’s. 

Quite simply, you can feel like you did before your diagnosis.
Or, dare I say it, before you had kids. 

As Seen In

Fortune Magazine

Thyroid Strong: Ultimate Beginner gives you everything you need to feel strong and energized in just 6 weeks

15 energy-boosting workouts

Designed specifically for women with Hashimoto’s, these exercises will challenge you without leaving you bed bound and in pain

Private members-only community access

Get the support of a community who understands what it’s like to live with Hashimoto’s – without leaving the comfort of your living room

Weekly calls to keep you on track

Get all of your questions answered or personalized modifications to any exercise with Dr. Emily’s live calls

Experience a real difference in 6 short weeks

Wave goodbye to the debilitating symptoms that are stealing precious moments from your life 

Tailored to your workout ability

Carve the strong body you want using body weight and a pair of kettlebells (and if you don’t have access to any, I’ll show you what you can use instead)

Everything you need to build strength, energy, and tone up

Lifetime access to all the resources you need to take back control— and feel strong and energized again

Imagine how it would feel to take control of your Hashimoto’s and get results like these

Dr Emily Kiberd  makes wonderful modifications. I have Hashimotos and Rheumatoid arthritis and have some limited mobility in my elbow and have knee pain. I feel stronger and never thought I’d be swinging or deadlifting kettlebells. I was skeptical at first cause I really love cycling, barre and Pilates. But felt like I was always wired after or felt horrible for days. This has been the perfect  balance for me.”
- Sara L.

Thyroid Strong Participant

I feel so grateful that I found Emily and this program. Before starting this program, I felt physically so weak and desperate because I tried to do what everyone suggested and what was most familiar to me, like yoga and long walks, but everything left me feeling weaker. I was a bit worried that Thyroid Strong would be too much for me and I’d end up at bottom again as I had never lifted weights before, but I started to feel stronger! I kept my muscle! I had more energy! I felt sooo happy, relieved and actually hopeful that I can have a strong functional body again. I love working with Emily because she is easy going, welcoming, inclusive and open. I don’t feel an ounce of judgement, instead I feel she offers nothing but support, understanding and hope.”
- Katie O.

Thyroid Strong Participant

“Before Thyroid Strong, I had three different personal trainers during a 6 year period. I was looking for help to break a plateau in weight loss. I heard Dr. Emily Kiberd on a podcast and I thought this may be what I need. I drew a line in the sand and said that the Thyroid Strong program will be the last program that I will buy. At first I thought, ‘This is too easy’ but a day after the workout I could feel like I really worked my muscles well. I’d recommend this to anyone with thyroid issues!
- Norma H.

Thyroid Strong Participant

If you just wanna play around with pink 3 lb. weights, Thyroid Strong Ultimate Beginner isn’t for you.

But if you want a solid strength training program to increase your strength, boost your energy, and get you feeling like yourself again…here’s your 6-week action plan!

Week 1: Setting the Stage for Success + Moving Out of Pain

    • The 3 commonly missed principles to successful weight lifting so you never have to worry about injuring yourself
    • My easy-to-follow self-assessment to check if you have a common condition which can put extra stress on muscles AND how to fix it 
    • How to choose which weights are perfect for you for every lift without guessing or losing your perfect form
    • Step-by-step videos for every move you’ll see in the upcoming workouts so you’re never thrown off or unprepared
    • My proven Thyroid Strong method tested on 1000s of patients to help release tension in your muscles and remove the pain in your neck, back, shoulders, and hips (trust me, every single woman who has completed these 4 videos has been BLOWN AWAY by their impact – don’t skip this section!) 
    • Learn the 5-minute post-workout routine that will help you avoid burnout


Weeks 2 & 3: Workout with Bodyweight Exercises

  • Get 6 full-body, body-weight workouts designed for low-impact, high effectiveness 
  • Banish all aches and pains by modifying all exercises for your ability 
  • Increase the intensity as the week progresses

Weeks 4 & 5: Build Your Form with 4 Foundational Moves

  • Learn the 4 foundational movements to be successful in every exercise 
  • Get 6 full-body workouts with progressive programming so you’ll never plateau or get bored 
  • Uncover your new warm-up designed to help with shoulder mobility 
  • Work your core without doing crunches 

Week 6: Celebrate Your Success

Week 6
  • Finish strong with your final 3 workouts of the program 
  • Graduate the program feeling stronger, more confident, and more energized
  • Build more strength and kick Hashimoto’s butt by taking your training to the next level  

And to accelerate your results, you’ll get these killer bonuses:

Private, Members-Only Facebook Community

Get all the support of a gym community without having to leave the comfort of your living room or squeeze your schedule around class time.

  • Form life-long friendships with strong women who understand what it’s like to live with Hashimoto’s so you’ll never feel misunderstood or alone
  • Stay motivated and accountable through your battle buddies as you progress through this program, getting stronger together
  • Foster a positive attitude by surrounding yourself with badass women who are doing it
Training Calendar

Training Calendar

A done-for-you calendar with each of the 5 modules of Thyroid Strong and 15 workouts mapped into your schedule.

  • Stay on-track with the videos and exercises so you can make the most out of the 6 weeks in the program
  • Never miss a scheduled workout even if your life is hectic or complicated

The Ergonomic Action Plan

These bonuses will make sure you’re optimizing the rest of your day outside of your workouts.

  • The key to setting up your desk for ergonomic success for pain-free weekdays and increased focus as a woman with Hashimoto’s
  • The top 9 desk stretches to release tightness after being hunched over your computer for hours
  • The Proper Form Checklist to lock in your foundational strength even without a personal trainer

The Definitive Guides to Good vs. Bad form for EVERY exercise

Never wonder again, “am I doing this right?”

  • The Rock Star Strength Guide is the only guide you’ll ever need to finally understand the sometimes-contradictory cues you’ve heard in the past and instead perfect your form on every single exercise 
  • Learn how to judge for yourself if your squats or deadlifts ‘look right’ and, if they don’t, what exactly you need to adjust to get them into shape 
  • Diagrams, photos, and detailed captions for each lift to take all the guesswork out. Don’t even think about spending hours on YouTube looking for a trusted source ever again – it’s all right here 
Cool Down


Easy-to-implement cooldown to calm your nervous system (without stretching excessively). 

  • Heal the inflammation caused by working out

What you’re really getting inside Thyroid Strong …


Feel like you’re in your prime again. Say goodbye to fatigue and exhaustion… and start feeling great again.


You’ll be shocked at how much you can lift… without being bed bound for days afterwards or in pain.


Access workouts with lower weights, fewer reps, and longer recovery times designed specifically for women with Hashimoto’s. You can stop “taking a break” and start taking intentional action to look and feel like the badass you are.


You’ll be amazed at what you can do when you stop holding onto excuses.


Your fellow Thyroid Strong: Ultimate Beginner members have dealt with the exact pain, frustration, fatigue, and weight gain that you are, and they’ll give you the support and understanding you’ve been craving.


You are not your Hashimoto’s diagnosis. You are a determined, hard-working, incredible woman who just wants her life back.

In fact, I guarantee you’ll find confidence and more energy within the first two weeks

The Thyroid Strong Guarantee

Say hello to the Kick-Your-Thyroid’s-Butt 14-day money-back guarantee…
I have personally watched 1000s of committed women (including myself) complete this program with life-changing results.
They finally find a workout routine they can commit to. Ditch their excuses. Boost their energy. Lose those stubborn pounds. And truly challenge their bodies for the first time in years.

If you go all in for the first 14 days of the course and don’t get the results I showed you earlier…

  • Increased energy
  • Better confidence
  • Boosted strength
  • Feeling like yourself again

Simply send me an email showing us a recording of your first warm-up and workout, and I’ll refund your investment. 

It’s my way of making sure those past experiences don’t hold you back from getting results and feeling like yourself again.

Feel Strong and Energized Again

Eliminate aches and pains, and take back control of your life

Both options give you instant lifetime access, ALL the incredible bonuses I mentioned above and my 14-day Kick-Your-Thyroid’s-Butt money-back guarantee

You’ll get zero risk and all reward!


A single investment of $497



3 Easy Payments

$139 every 2 weeks

These badass women beat their fatigue, built incredible strength and left pains and aches behind after mastering the Thyroid Strong workout plan

I’d optimized my diet and supplements for Hashimoto’s but I wanted to start exercising again and feel strong. 

My symptoms were so bad that I couldn’t even go up the stairs carrying my laundry basket because my legs felt like noodles. I knew I was too young to be experiencing this and how weak I was feeling. 

That’s when I discovered Thyroid Strong. 

After the first week of workouts, I could not believe how good I felt mentally and physically – I had tons of energy. It was awesome. I could actually complete tasks around the house without getting distracted.

I felt on top of the world! Suddenly I got stronger and stronger and now I use 16kg kettlebells. Every time I workout, it feels like I’ve accomplished something and makes me feel capable of doing anything. 

Dr. Emily is awesome – she’s so genuine and so passionate about helping people. Every week, she puts herself out there in the weekly live workouts and ‘ask me anything’. 

I highly recommend Thyroid Strong. I’ve not felt this energized since my late 20s (before I had children).”

- Stephanie P.

“When I started Thyroid Strong I posted about how stinking heavy 12 kilo bells are…to now, and the realization I can do hard things!! I hope this inspires someone to pull the trigger and take the step for themselves into what can be!! I will be eternally grateful to Dr. Emily for giving me what I needed to step into myself as a strong, more empowered, energetic, capable, iron-willed woman!!
- Bailey D.

“When I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s, the routine I’d been fighting to keep up with (5x weekly workouts with high intensity and long durations) was no longer sustainable. 

I was exhausted, and recovery time was taking longer and longer, as much as 3 days! It took a long time for me to accept that I had to let that part of me go. I finally decided to give Thyroid Strong a try, and I’m really glad I did. 

The program has helped me pace myself better (as I have a tendency to push myself too hard), so my recovery time is reasonable and I can keep up with the 3x weekly workouts while feeling challenged and still have energy available to add in other activities. I love having been able to readopt my identity as a fitness enthusiast, being challenged but not over-challenged, and developing real strength without overtaxing my thyroid or adrenals. And, I have to add that Dr Emily is so supportive, always available to answer questions, problem-solve, and cheerlead you on!”

- Audrey

“The best thing I did for my Hashimotos is Thyroid Strong! I started the program to learn a new way to exercise, knowing nothing about kettlebells, and fell in love. I had more energy and my fatigue diminished greatly! The program is set up for beginners, with great cueing in the videos and support in the Facebook group. If you have Hashimotos and are fighting fatigue and weight gain, this is the program for you! I highly recommend it!”
- Cheryl L.

If you’re a woman diagnosed with a thyroid disorder, regardless of age, and don’t know what to do next, you need Thyroid Strong, especially if you’re looking for answers and feel like traditional medicine isn’t helping.”
- Olga W.

Thyroid Strong Participant

Thyroid Strong: Ultimate Beginner is the only fitness program designed specifically for women with Hashimoto’s

(seriously, you won’t find anything else like it)

It treats you as a whole person, not a diagnosis

It’s tailored specifically for women with Hashimoto’s so you don’t need to worry about flare-ups, overtraining, or injury again

It gives you maximum results within just 6 weeks

It gives you a step-by-step plan you can implement immediately

It fits in seamlessly into your life with 20-minute workouts you can do anywhere

And it’s based on 18 years of medical training and helped 1000s of women

This course isn’t based on guesswork. It’s based on 18 years of medical training and experience running a thriving chiropractic clinic.

It’s a system that’s proven. In my practice, I’ve used these techniques to help 1000s of women overcome fatigue, boost their energy, and say goodbye to flare-ups.

This course is your no-B.S. guide to getting strong again and feeling your best.

It’s all built on what I know works. And I’ve seen it get results for thousands of women, just like you.

Dieting alone won’t help you lose weight and feel healthy again… you need to add strength training to your routine

When you lift weights like kettlebells, you stimulate your muscle tissue — which makes it an effective way to affect the turnover of your thyroid hormone.

This boosts your TSH and elevates your optimal levels.

But strength training doesn’t just optimize your hormone levels… It also builds muscle mass.

Kettlebell Workout
And as a woman with Hashi’s, you know how important it is to build strength so you can overcome fatigue and raise your energy levels.

That’s why strength training with bodyweight exercises and kettlebells is a game changer!

Increase energy

Optimize hormone levels

Boost muscle mass

Feel stronger

Improve confidence

Get back to the woman you used to be

Thyroid Strong: Ultimate Beginner is perfect for you, even if…

Exercise zaps all your energy

Maybe you haven’t worked out in months. But you’re still determined to find a way to get workouts back into your life and routine to feel healthy, strong and, most importantly, feel like yourself.

You’re totally new to lifting weights

Thyroid Strong: Ultimate Beginner starts you off gently with two weeks of bodyweight exercises before you’ll progress to using kettlebells. You’ll also get detailed directions guiding you through each exercise, so you’ll always have perfect form… and never wonder “am I doing this right?”

You don't feel motivated to work out

In this community we show up and do the work. Even on the hard days. And you’ll have a close-knit group with you every step of the way to cheer you on and celebrate your wins.

Nothing else has gotten you the results you want

Ever since your diagnosis, you’ve longed to get back into the gym. But you’re still struggling to find a workout that actually works and gets results without leaving you bed bound for days.

You already have a doctor

Thyroid Strong: Ultimate Beginner isn’t a substitute for a doctor. Instead it’s the supplement to get the extra information, support and coaching most doctors (and personal trainers) don’t know.

You feel like you're already pushing yourself to the limit

You are capable of doing more physical activity than what you’re doing now. You’ll uncover a new way of working out that won’t injure you, leave you bed bound or in pain.

Here’s the tough talk you need to hear

Hypothyroidism isn’t an auto-immune disease where you can take a back seat.

That’s why Thyroid Strong is an excuse-free zone.

To make progress, you need to let go of the stories you’ve been telling yourself… like “I’ll never be able to control my symptoms.” 

In here, we’re all about taking intentional action to become strong and give your body – and health – the best possible chance.

Investing in yourself can feel hard, especially after you’ve been let down by other courses or workout plans in the past…

(although you’ve got my money-back guarantee to fall back on)…

..but the real risk is doing nothing

If you continue to do nothing, here are the results you can expect to see…


You know you should move your body but slobbing on the sofa for a Netflix binge feels so much easier.

You keep telling yourself the same old stories and excuses. That you’ll never be able to work out. That you just can’t get motivated. That you should give up on ever feeling healthy again.

(And meanwhile, that pricey gym membership is just collecting dust, week after week.)


You mentally motivate yourself to go for a run…but then you’re left with another flare-up. And it fuels the stories you’ve already been telling yourself. You know you need to change things, but you feel too shattered to even get up. And every time you look in the mirror, you wonder what happened to the woman you used to be.


Nothing has changed… because you haven’t.

You’ve spent the last year battling Hashi’s and, if anything, you feel worse. Your family thinks you’re lazy and their words fuel the victim mode you’re stuck in. 

You think about all the moments you’ve missed in the last year. The times when you were too tired to be there for your kids or didn’t have the energy to meet up with friends. And you can’t shake the feeling that Hashi’s is stealing your life. 

Stop wasting your time on excuses and worsening symptoms (and finally start living your life again)

Every flare-up takes away another opportunity to play with your kids. 

Every excuse means that’s one less event you’ll attend. 

Every second wasted is more time spent dealing with Hashimoto’s and its debilitating symptoms.

But the good news is there’s a way forward… one that allows you to put down your guard and step back into your power so that you can be strong, lean, and present for your life.

So now is the time to get back the fit, healthy woman you were before your diagnosis
(you know she’s in there!)

If you’re ready to start building strength and finally feel like yourself again, then Thyroid Strong is for you.

I know because I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s and now I’m in remission, I’m strong, and I’m healthy.

(Even with running around after two young kids, running a successful business, and still coaching my 1:1 patients)

And I’ve coached 1000s of women to get the same results in my medical practice. 

That’s why I know you can transform your life and become more than just a Hashimoto’s diagnosis.

And I’ll be with you every step of the way while you kick Hashimoto’s butt.

It’s not about getting motivated.

Making progress is about doing the basics consistently. Nothing sexy about it. Just showing up, day after day.

That’s why we focus on building momentum, not finding motivation.

And if you push yourself to do the hard things — things that challenge you — soon you won’t believe how far you’ve come.

So if you’re ready to take consistent action…

make your life an excuse-free zone…

and get the support, coaching, and community to hold you accountable, keep you active, and turn you into a strong AF badass…

It’s time for you to challenge yourself and see what

you’re truly capable of

“Emily has a deep sense of personal integrity – if she doesn’t believe in something she won’t put it out there, so if she puts it out there you know it’s trustworthy. Thyroid Strong fills a very unique gap that ties the challenges of those with autoimmunity/inflammation as it relates to strength. I’d recommend it to anyone recovering from chronic illness or new to training.”
- Gabrielle Lyon

Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine

“What sets Emily apart is her drive for greatness! It oozes from her pores. She walks the walk and talks the talk. She lives and breathes movement.

Sometimes when we assess patients, she can see things that no one else sees. It’s amazing to see her figure out the source of pain with a clear plan of attack.

- Bethany Vivo

Orthopedic Massage Therapist


What our most successful students asked before enrolling in

Thyroid Strong: Ultimate Beginner

What if I’ve never lifted weights before?

This program is designed to walk you through exactly how and when to do each exercise, covering everything from warm-ups and workouts to posture and breathing. We’ll start you off with bodyweight exercises so you’ll build a foundational level of strength before working with kettlebells. Plus our bonus guides will ensure you have perfect form, so you never need to worry about getting injured or ‘doing it wrong’ again.

I’ve been lifting for a long time - is this only for beginners?

Thyroid Strong: Ultimate Beginner is tailored for women who have never lifted a weight before or who are deconditioned from lifting. If you lift weights regularly, then I would recommend joining Thyroid Strong Intermediate so you can get back on track with your strength goals.

I’ve already tried everything - how do I know this will be the one that sticks?

Unfortunately, there is no magic pill. If you’re still so far into the trenches of Hashi’s that you can’t physically get out of bed, or haven’t worked out the proper protocol with a great doctor yet, this may not be the time for you.

That said, if you never try, nothing ever changes. This is the only program out there right now that progressively and specifically addresses your hormonal obstacles and leads you through working out thoughtfully and safely, for hundreds of dollars less than you’d spend on a trainer.

Show up with your whole self one more time and see what you can build for yourself.

I have limited time, how much time do I need to invest in this each week?

Each workout is designed to take just around 20 minutes! That means even the most busy women can find time to get fit and healthy.

What kind of equipment do I need?

No fancy gym membership or a ton of space required!

Ideally, you’ll have:

  • Your own body weight
  • One 8 kilo or 10 kilo kettlebell (17 pounds or 22 pounds for pressing so choose according to your ability)
  • One 12 kilo kettlebells (25 pounds for deadlifts if you have never done them)

And that’s it!

What if I don’t have weights?

You can DEFINITELY get started in this program with only the first two kettlebells (two, 12 kilo/25 pound kettlebells). It’s a small but worthwhile investment that we highly encourage you to make for yourself. Kettlebells are versatile, inexpensive, and last forever!

(We recommend Kettlebell Kings as they offer free shipping!)

What if I only have dumbbells?

While we encourage you to invest in kettlebells (see FAQ #5 and #6), the majority of our workout videos offer adjustments for using dumbbells as well! We never want equipment to be what holds you back from your goals.

What if I don’t know the moves or the right form?

Every single video walks you through the proper queuing, breathing, and mechanics to ensure you’ve got the right form. And in addition to weekly videos, you’ll also receive bonus guides filled with super detailed pictures and descriptions that show you how to do each and every move… so you’ll never wonder if you’re doing it right.

What if I have a hard time getting motivated?

That’s why our exclusive Facebook community will be there for you every step of the way to encourage and share wins, struggles, and questions. And I’ll go live weekly so we can talk through challenges and keep you on track. There’s truly nothing like being a part of a community that is not only doing the exact workouts you’re doing, but has the same Hashi struggles and stories to share!

What if I’m a new mom and have only so much energy or limited time?

If you’re suffering from postpartum thyroiditis, you should first know that you’re not alone, and I see you. These workouts are designed to be quick (less than 20 minutes!) and effective, without draining you or taking up a ton of space or equipment.

I’m over 60. Would Thyroid Strong: Ultimate Beginner work for me?

Thyroid Strong: Ultimate Beginner has been created for women of all ages. But women aged 60 or older have higher chances of injuring themselves when working out. While I give lots of cueing information to support you during the course and make sure your form is correct, I don’t want you to injure yourself. So I highly recommend seeking one-on-one personal training before taking Thyroid Strong.

What happens after the six weeks are up?

Thyroid Strong is a lifelong plan to help you build strength and feel great every day – so you can follow its lessons for as long as you want. At the end of the program, I’ll show you how to continue to challenge yourself, without burning out, and get continued support. You’ll have everything you need to grow in strength and become an even more kickass version of yourself.

How much is it again?

For the full course and the bonuses, it’s a one-time payment of $497  $397 or three easy payments of $167 $139 every 2 weeks.

Regain your energy, feel healthy, and start enjoying your life again

Both options give you instant lifetime access, ALL the incredible bonuses I mentioned above and my 14-day Kick-Your-Thyroid’s-Butt money-back guarantee

You’ll get zero risk and all reward!


A single investment of $497



3 Easy Payments

$139 every 2 weeks

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