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2 Symptoms of Hashimoto’s we should not overlook

by | Dec 8, 2022 | Podcast

Feeling like yourself again after a Hashimoto’s diagnosis is a frustrating and overwhelming process. Most women see five to six doctors before getting a clear diagnosis of Hashimoto’s. If you don’t know whether or not you have Hashimoto’s, I talk about the 2 biggest and most common symptoms women struggle with before getting diagnosed. Today I’m speaking directly to the 20 million women living with Hashimoto’s in the states and those are just the ones who have been diagnosed. We’re talking about the most two common struggles that come up over and over again — fatigue and weight gain, and strategies on how to get over the weight gain hump and get your energy back.

If Hashimoto’s has caused you to gain weight, there are specific ways to combat this. First, get your thyroid labs checked out. A full thyroid panel with the two antibody tests will give you a full picture of what is going on. Finding the right balance with strength-training exercises will lead to more energy too. Check for gut infections, watch your calorie intake, avoid foods that are inflammatory, prioritize sleep quality and quantity, and you’ll start to lose weight more easily.

Fatigue is best addressed through sleep optimization, prioritizing your mitochondria, and working out the right way, smarter not harder. Too much cardio can create a huge amount of fatigue. Shifting to strength-based workouts will make a big difference.

In this episode:

* The most common Hashimoto’s symptoms to identify
* Why weight gain is common with Hashimoto’s
* 6 tips for losing weight with Hashimoto’s
* Using stress to your advantage to create meaningful change in how you eat and how you work out with Hashimoto’s
* Optimizing your workouts to beat fatigue


“Our thyroid levels will change over time based on stress, what we’re eating, how we’re working out, how well our sleep is optimized. There’s just many factors.” [9:11]

“If we want to lose weight, calories matter. It’s not only what we’re eating that matters, but how much we’re eating.” [15:11]

“When it comes to fatigue, if I’m feeling really cranky at the world, I think this is my point to check-in.” [21:08]

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